How To Use The Reachability Trick On The iPhone X

iphone x reachability feature

iPhone X Reachability feature.

The great news is that Apple has made the Reachability feature available on the iPhone X too. However, remember that the 10th anniversary iPhone doesn’t include a Home button and this key is used on all previous iPhone models to invoke Reachability. A light tap on Home brings down the screen for better reach of the items available in the top area of the screen. This feature is a must-have for the oversized Plus iPhone models, but it proved itself very handy for the regular sizes iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8 models.

Considering that the total size of the iPhone X is a little larger than the iPhone 8, but the actual screen real estate is even bigger than the one of the Plus models, as demoed in this overlay, the Reachability option is highly welcomed. Apple has also found a neat way of replacing the Home button tap, with a touch gesture to allow us to better reach the ‘ears’ of the iPhone ‘Ten’.

How To Enable Reachability
Before you use it for optimal one-handed access to the iPhone X, you have to check that the feature is enabled:
1. Tap on Settings from the iOS Home screen.
2. Browse for General.
3. Hit the Accessibility label.
4. Make sure that Reachability is turned ON.

iPhone X Reachability Gesture
How To: Swipe down on the new iPhone X Home bar! This Gesture bar is available, centered, at the bottom of the screen and has the role to bring down the ‘ears’ when you’re looking for a better reach. Check out the video embedded below for more details!
Fact: Swiping up on the same Home bar, will exit the current app and bring you back to the Home screen.

Tip: The Control Center unveiling gesture has also changed for the iPhone X. The shortcut panel can be now activated by swiping-down from the right ear of the iPhone ‘Ten’! Reachability integrates this and you can first invoke it and then swipe for Control Center. Also, if you swipe down on the left ear you’ll unveil the Notifications screen.

Source: Twitter.

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