How To Use Your iPhone As Apple TV Remote In iOS 11 Control Center

ios 11 control center widget for apple tv remote

iOS 11 Control Center widget for Apple TV remote.

If you’re the practical smart device user that wants to keep things straight and simple, without using multiple remotes for various gadgets, you’ll be please to find out that you can easily ditch the Siri Remote. Yes, I’m talking about the remote control that comes with your Apple TV. No, this isn’t the trick that makes you download the Apple TV Remote app and forces you to have it open on your iPhone or iPad while watching TV!

The Siri Remote can be fully replaced by your iPhone’s new Control Center! This feature is available in iOS 11 and it brings out the essence of the Control Center, allowing you to control the Apple TV without being forced to keep the Apple TV Remote app open. It brings the Apple TV controls one swipe away and accessible even from the iPhone’s Lock Screen.

apple tv remote widget for ios 11 control center Add Apple TV Remote To Control Center
Fact: This iOS 11 feature works only for the 4th generation Apple TV or newer devices.
1. Open Settings from your iPhone’s or iPad’s Home screen.
2. Tap the Control Center label.
3. Make sure that the Access Within Apps option is enabled.
4. Tap on Customize Controls.
5. In the More Controls list, tap the green + icon next to the Apple TV Remote label. Optionally, drag and drop it to tweak its position in the included controls list.

How To Remote Control Apple TV From Control Center
apple tv screenshot 1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center. (Swipe-down from the top-right corner of the iPhone X).
2. Tap the Apple TV button to bring up the controls.
3. The large gray area in the middle of the screen acts as a touchpad. Swipe up, down, left and right to navigate menus and tap it to select items. The same gestures allow you to rewind or fast-forward during playback.
4. When you select a menu item that requires text input a keyboard slides in on your iPhone’s screen!
5. Buttons for rewind and fast-forward for 10 seconds appear during playback. Tap them to navigate.
6. Tap and hold the Siri button (a microphone available in the bottom-right corner of the screen) to ask the iOS virtual assistant something. The answers will be displayed on your TV screen.
7. Pressing the Menu button once brings you back a level in the menu.
8. Below the Menu button, there is an icon with a TV drawn on it. Tap it whenever you want to go back to the Home screen of the TV app on your Apple TV.
9. Double-tap the Home button to bring up the Apple TV app switcher. Swipe sideways to select apps or upwards to force close an app.
10. Tap and hold the Home button for a few seconds to sleep the Apple TV and turn off the connected TV.

Fact: The only controls available on the physical Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV and not available via this iOS 11 Apple TV app Control Center widget are the Volume controls. Adjusting your iPhone’s volume won’t tweak the Apple TV sound intensity. Perhaps this could become available in future software updates.

How To Force Restart Apple TV
Yes, you can even hard restart your Apple TV from the iOS 11 Control Center. All that you have to do is press and hold the Play/Pause and Home buttons until the light on the Apple TV module blinks.
Tip: Force rebooting the Apple TV with is hardware Siri Remote is done with a simultaneous press of the Menu and Home buttons.