How To Validate App Store Downloads On The iPhone X

double-click iphone x side button to install app store apps

Double-click iPhone X Side Button to install App Store apps.

Even the way you download apps from the App Store changes after you upgrade to the iPhone X. Since, iOS 10.3 you have to validate a download for both paid and free apps and games. This means that the first time you want to download an iPhone or iPad application that is labeled with GET or a various ‘price tag’ you have to validate the purchase with the help of Face ID, in case of the iPhone ‘Ten’.

Yes, you can disable Face ID functionality from the iOS 11 Settings app and bypass the facial recognition system when using iTunes and App Store, but this authentication method will be replaced with a Passcode request which is far less seamless than staring at the iPhone X and validating the purchase! Don’t worry you can’t accidentally purchase $100 app just by looking at the iPhone ‘Ten’. You’ll have to hit the price label first and then confirm that you want to use Face ID to authenticate the purchase!

how to download from app store with face id

How to download from App Store with Face ID. Source: Jjeffx on Reddit

How To Download From The App Store On iPhone X
1. Open the new App Store from the iOS Home screen.
2. Browse it until you find an app that you want to download.
3. Tap GET or the app’s ‘price tag’.
4. Next, double-click the iPhone X’s Side Button to invoke Face ID and start the download.
5. Continue looking at your device and your transaction is validated in no-time. Download begins and the new software is installed on your device.
Fact: The same command, a double-press of the Side Button is used to bring up Apple Pay on the 10th anniversary iPhone. Whenever you need to use Apple’s NFC payment system to pay in stores!

How To Disable Face ID For App Store
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll for Face ID & Passcode.
3. Provide your iPhone X Passcode to enter this menu.
4. Disable Face ID for iTunes & App Store by toggling the knob towards the OFF position.

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