How To WhatsApp Group Video Call With Up To 50 Participants

WhatsApp group video call with up to 50 members

WhatsApp group video call with up to 50 members.

Now you can start a group video call with up to 50 members from WhatsApp. This is available thanks to the integration of the popular cross-platform messaging app with another popular Facebook-owned app, called Messenger. This combo is using the Messenger Rooms feature that was launched in April as a direct competitor to group video calling apps like Zoom and Skype.

So, although you’re able to start large group video calls from WhatsApp, the chat room itself will be hosted by Messenger Rooms. This means that the initiator of the call requires to have both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger installed on its device. You don’t need a Facebook account to join a Messenger Room video call, however you need to be logged in if you want to be the host of the video conference call! Regular video and audio calls hosted by WhatsApp itself are still available for groups of up to 8 participants!

10 Steps To Start A Messenger Rooms Video Call From WhatsApp
1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
2. Start a new chat with the help of the “new message” icon available in the top-right corner of the screen.
Fact: If you want to call a group from an existing chat you can skip to step 6.
3. Tap on New Group.
4. Cherry-pick the contacts that you want to add to the group video call list.
5. Tap Next when ready.
6. Type a Group name and optionally an icon to make the group thread easier distinguishable in the WhatsApp chat list.
7. Tap Create.
8. In the new group chat, tap the “+” icon available in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
9. Tap on “Room” and confirm that you want to “Continue in Messenger”.
10. Wait for others to join and start the group video call.
Tip: A link of the room is available. You can share it with everyone that you want to invite to the group call.

Fact: Facebook Messenger Rooms aren’t end-to-end encrypted as WhatsApp or FaceTime group video chats. It’s not recommended to use the service for formal meetings.

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