How, Why and When Should You Empty The Pokemon GO Bag

pokemon go your bag is full notification

Pokemon GO your Bag is full notification.

Although insignificant at the start of the game, you’ll soon realize the importance of the Pokemon GO Bag. I’m talking about the Backpack carried by your avatar all over the map, that stores all the Items you receive at the start of the game, as well as those that you collect from PokeStops. You might be unaware at first, but the backpack eventually fills up and you can’t place an unlimited number of Balls, Potions, Revives and other Items.

To be more precise the Pokemon Go Bag can store up to 350 items. When you reach this limit you’re prompted that the backpack is full. When this happens, visits paid to PokeStops end up empty handed because you don’t have place to store new items. A solution would be to visit the Shop and purchase a backpack extension. However, this costs 200 coins and coins can be bought only with real money. More, it’s only a temporary solution because it extends the Bag’s limit with 50 units, that’s around 15%.

How To Empty Pokemon Go Bag
pokemon go items view showing bag content Luckily, you can also empty the backpack by discarding items. Tap on the Pokemon Go menu icon, available centered, at the bottom of the Map and select Items. A complete list with all items in your Bag is displayed. Usually the biggest collection lies in the Poke Ball field. Balls are used to catch Pokemons, but their also the most frequent reward when visiting PokeStops.
Notice that every item has a Trashcan next to it. Tap it and you’ll be able to select the number of units that you want to discard. Use the “+” and “-“ icons to add or subtract from the total. Tap Yes to confirm and the items are immediately dropped.
Fact: Currently (Pokemon 1.1.0) you can’t trade items, but this might chance in the upcoming versions!

Why Should You Empty Pokemon Go Backpack
discarding poke balls PokeStops award Balls very often. Potions and Revives follow on the frequency chart, while Razz Berry, Eggs and other items are very rare. If you walk in city centers and busy areas of your community you’ll encounter a lot of Stops. Check them all out because each visit brings, along items, much needed experience points that help you level up and improve your Trainer skills. However, the rate of hunting Pokemon and wasting Balls won’t exceed the rate you collect them, leading to the inevitable: Your Bag is full! screen. To prevent unpleasant situations of not being able to store a Lure Module or Lucky Egg, discard items from your bag whenever it nears the 350 limit.

emptied pokemon go backpack What Items Do Delete From Avatar Bag
I recommend you to discard Balls because those are easy to collect and found in almost every PokeStop. Don’t hesitate with tapping the trash can. It won’t trigger a complete deletion. You can choose precisely how many balls to discard. This way you can balance the amount of Balls, with other valuable items for any successful PokeTrainer.

Fact: You continue to gain the same amount of XP even if you check PokeStops and your bag is full!