iMessage Send Read Receipts Customization Featured in iOS 10

imessage send read receipt example

iMessage Send Read Receipt example.

Apple has finally given iPhone users the option to tweak the Send Read Receipts setting for individual iMessage contacts. This feature handles how a text partner is able to see the interaction with his message. More clearly, when you receive a text from a contact, you can choose if you want to allow the sender to be informed if you read his text or not. This option is only available for iMessage conversation. That’s all those chats from the Messages app, that are engulfed in a blue background. The green ones are regular SMS messages and they don’t count, because they are handled by your carrier and not by Apple’s servers.

The Send Read Receipts feature was available in earlier iOS versions too, but you could only enable or disable it for all contacts. iOS 10 comes with individual personalization and this is really welcomed because you can allow your family to see when you read the conversation while, prohibit this level of transparency with other contacts that you want to have more privacy from.

How To Enable/Disable Send Read Receipts
ios send read receipts messages setting As with iOS 9 and previous versions you have to open Settings and browse to the Messages tab. Then make sure that the iMessage service is enabled and toggle the Send Read Receipts knob ON or OFF. You are informed that this setting activates or deactivates Read status for all conversations.
If ON contacts are notified when you have read their messages. This means that below the latest chat bubble in the conversation thread, they will see the Read status accompanied by the exact time of day when you had your eyes on their message.

How To Tweak Send Read Receipts For Selected Contacts
imessage individual send read receipts setting Starting with iOS 10 you can start tweaking iMessage Read privacy and the individual level. This means that you can have the Read Receipts active from the Messages settings and manually tweak those contacts that you want to to know when you have read their texts. To achieve this you have to open the desired message thread and tap the info button available in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s marked by the encircled letter “i”. The conversation Details appear. Tweak the Send Read Receipts knob. Among others you can also activate Do Not Disturb, share your location or send your current location.

iMessage Send Read Receipts Facts
imessage reply is being typed bubble Some of the important things that you have to know while using the iMessage feature are:
– The Read Receipts setting doesn’t influence the now typing indicator. Meaning if it’s disabled the contact will still get the Now Typing bubble displayed in the conversation thread, letting him know that you are currently texting a reply.
Read Receipts feature doesn’t interfere with the Delivered status. Even if you block a contact from knowing when you read his message, he will still know when the text was delivered to your phone, with the help of the Delivered tag.
– Active Read Receipts also include the exact time when you read the message. The sender gets the Read tag accompanied with the hour and minute when you checked the thread. That’s precious information.

Tip: You can still bypass an active Send Read Receipts setting by reading the iMessage from your iPhone’s lock screen. However, if the text is too long you won’t be able to read it all without needing to access the Message app and trigger the read receipt!