In iOS 11 Screenshots Can Be Instantly Previewed And Edited Before Saving

preview screenshot thumbnail in iOS 11

Preview screenshot thumbnail in iOS 11.

Among the myriad of changes and new features embedded in iOS 11 we’ve also found the enhanced Screenshot function. The 11th iPhone and iPad Operating System generation allows users to instantly preview, edit and share a print-screen that has just been captured. The frame shrinks-in toward the bottom-left corner of the screen and hovers in miniature version, providing a shortcut for the markup option for a few seconds. If you tap the small icon the new Screenshot Preview screen opens up and you can crop, draw and perform other edits to the image.

Obviously, you can also choose to ignore the shortcut and it will disappear after a few seconds. The print-screen won’t be lost, it will be stored and available within the Photos app. iOS 11 greatly enhances your options of sharing the content of your iPhone’s screen. We’ve already covered the new Screen Recording feature. Scroll on and see how to toy with a screenshot!

screenshot on iPhone running iOS 11 How To Perform A Screen-capture
Whenever there is something important displayed on your iPhone or iPad screen, you can save it for later review, or share it with your Contacts. For this you have to use the print-screen function.
-> Simultaneously press the Home button and the Power button of your Apple smartphone until the screen flashes and you notice that a frame of your screen has been captured.
Fact: If you choose to erase the print-screen, the image will still show up in the Recently Deleted folder of the Photos app, remaining available for recovering for the next 30 days, in case you reconsider.

How To Preview Screenshot
iOS 11 edit screenshot featureIn iOS 11 you can fine tune your print-screen right after it was captured:
1. Tap on the markup shortcut available in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open up the Screenshot Preview screen.
2. Use paint tools like Pen, Marker Pencil, Eraser and Selector tool, available in the bottom area of the screen to draw!
3. Tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner to unveil additional options like: insert Text, hand-write your own Signature, apply the Magnifier effect, or insert dialogue bubbles, arrows, circles and rectangles.
4. Drag the corners or the sides of the print-screens selection marking to crop your screenshot
5. When ready you can tap the Share button, available in the bottom-left corner. Send the image to your friends via Mail, Message or third party social media apps, Add to Notes or much more.

Tip: Whenever you make a mistake or reconsider tap the Undo command available in the top-right area of the screen.

How To Save Or Delete Screenshot
When you finish previewing and editing your print-screen you have to tap Done. This unveils two options: Save to Photos or Delete Screenshot.