iOS 10 Native Clock App Comes With Bedtime Feature For Sleep Tracking

iOS 10 Time for bed Notification.

iOS 10 Time for bed Notification.

The stock Clock app has also been revamped in iOS 10. Besides getting a dark theme, that is much more pleasant for your eyes, when using the iPhone in low light environment, it also comes with a new feature called Bedtime. This is a sleep tracking tool that records the amount of sleep you get everyday. It helps you go to bed in time and knows when to wake you up in order to reach your predefined sleep target.

More, it will also recognize sleep disturbance as long as you move or use your device. For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and drink water or go to the bathroom, a gap in your sleep graph is created. The way your iPhone can tell when you’re actually sleeping or just lying in your bed is by checking if you used your smartphone or not during the sleeping interval. It can also track your movement with the built-in accelerometer. If one of the two is triggered then the iPhone assumes that you aren’t sleeping.

How To Set Up iOS 10 Bedtime
ios 10 bedtime home screen As mentioned above, this new feature is found within the Clock app. You can find the Bedtime tab, centered at the bottom of the Clock app home screen. It’s in-between the Alarm and Stopwatch icons. If you can’t find it, make sure that your iPhone is updated to iOS 10 or newer.
The first time you open Bedtime you need to answer to a few questions in order to setup the feature. Don’ worry too much about your initial options, because you can tweak them whenever you want. However, on average a healthy adult requires 8 hours of sleep per night.
So, let’s start the setup:
iOS 10 bedtime setup
1. Get Started
The first time you tap on the Bedtime tab you’re prompted with the Introducing Bedtime screen. You’re informed that going to bed and waking up at the same time each day are key factors for a healthy sleep pattern. Bedtime is here to help you out. Configure it to receive bedtime notifications to know when it’s time for sleep and wake-up alarms, to get up in time for work. Tap on Get Started to move on.

bedtime wake up time 2. Set Wake Up Time
Let your iPhone know at what time you want to wake up. If you don’t have the same schedule each day, input the wake-up time that is most common. For example if you need to wake up during weekdays at 7am and during weekends at 9am, set the wake up time for 7am because you have this wake up target for 5 out of 7 days and it will be easier to track your sleep.
3. Alarm Frequency
As mentioned above now it’s time to choose whether you want the wake-up alarm to trigger itself each day, only during weekdays, weekends, or simply select the required days by tapping the icons from the week’s array. Yellow ones means that the specific day is selected, while those greyed out are inactive.

Bedtime sleep amount setup. 4. Targeted Sleep Length
Let Bedtime know how many hours of sleep you need each night. FYI adult need around 8 hours while children need more, between 10 – 12 depending on their age. Hit Next after you make your selection.

5. Set Bedtime Reminder
Now it’s time to choose how early you want your iPhone to inform your that sleep time is approaching. If you have a lot of evening habits make sure that you allow yourself enough time to complete them and make your bedtime goal. The default selection is 15 minutes, but that should be quite short for most of us. “30 minutes before” is a more feasible time frame.

6. Set Alarm Tone
Last but not least, choose the tune that you want to hear when you wake up in the morning. iOS 10 adds some new more gentle tones to make sure that you have a pleasant wake up. Choose between: Early Riser, First Light, Helios, Orbit, Birdsong, Droplets, Sunny and many more songs.

bedtime reminder
bedtime alarm tone
bedtime sleep history bars

Tap Next, to finish the setup. Check out how the sleep pattern graph has to like for a healthy sleep. Acknowledge that sleep data collected via Bedtime is available via the Health app too. iOS can mix your data from other third party sleep trackers that you might use. Hit, Save, available in the top right corner of the screen to complete the setup process.

iphone bedtime options How To Edit Bedtime Options
After you finish setting up your new alarms, you’ll be redirected to the Bedtime home screen. Here you can easily tweak the targeted amount of sleep, as well as the Bedtime notification time and the wake-up alarm setting. Simply drag the bedtime and wake-up icons along the dial until you bring them in the desired clock interval.
Tap Options, available in the top-left corner to tweak: Days of the Week (when alarms are On), Bedtime Reminder (time buffer), Wake-Up Sound (alarm tone) and Alarm Volume!