iOS 11 Bug: New iCloud Terms And Conditions Display In Japanese Language (Workaround Available!)

ios 11 new icloud terms and conditions

iOS 11 new iCloud Terms and Conditions.

The 11th iOS generation brings a lot of new features and handy changes. However, such a large scale upgrade still includes a series of bugs and glitches even after three months of intensive beta testing. Another iOS 11 minor bug surfaced today as Apple updated its New iCloud Terms and Conditions. If you attempt to open the Apple ID Settings page from your iPhone or iPad you’ll be prompted to read and accept the new guidelines.

However, if you attempt to read the software license agreement by tapping on A. iCloud Terms and Conditions you’ll be surprised to receive a prompt with the new iTunes guidelines in the Japanese language! Unless, your fortunate enough to know this East Asian language, you won’t be able to review the new terms before you Accept or Disagree with them. Fortunately, there is a workaround that you can use, until Apple manages to fix this glitch!

How To Read iCloud’s New Terms
how to avoid ios 11 new icloud terms and conditions bug 1. Open Settings from your iPhone or iPad Home screen.
2. Tap the Apple ID account available at the top of the Settings app.
3. Tap Terms and Conditions to open the guidelines screen.
4. Tapping the arrow, next to the iCloud Terms and Conditions label, will display the Japanese version of the new terms. Instead use the Send by Email option.
5. Type the email address where your would like to receive the new iTunes terms and conditions.

Fact: Check the provided mailbox and you’ll receive the English version text of Apple’s new guidelines for iTunes. After reviewing them return to Settings and Agree or Disagree with them. You won’t be able to use iCloud until you accept the new conditions.

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