iOS 12 Apple Books Is A Revamped Version Of iBooks

iOS 12 Apple Books welcome message.

iOS 12 Apple Books welcome message.

Apple has introduced a series of new apps in iOS 12 like Measure, for measuring objects and surfaces and Shortcuts for collecting automation tasks that significantly improve the iPhone usability. It has also revamped a classic: iBooks which is now called Apple Books and along the new name the application also features a new look.

A new Reading Now section, which also acts as the default Apple Books screen, when you open the app for the first time, allows you to continue reading from where you left off. You can also keep track of your reading progress across multiple books, listed in the Recents category.
Fact: The Reading Now section isn’t accessible just from your iPhone, but from all devices that are connected to your iCloud account.

apple books reading now screen Reading Now also comes with suggestions for other books. Scroll and explore the For You section which recommends books based on the titles that you purchased. Swipe even more and you’ll reach The Buzzed About section which suggests titles that are popular among Apple Books readers. You can explore categories like editor’s picks, award winners, customer favorites, books based on movies and more.

The revamped Library tab includes your entire books collections. Titles you purchased and downloaded since using Apple Books (former iBooks). Collections are categorized in: Want to Read, Finished, Books, Audiobooks, PDFs, Downloaded, My Books. You can also create a new collection with the help of the New Collection feature.

apple books book store section The Book Store section is also redesigned and gets an App Store-touch with curated content, top charts (free and paid), News & Trending, Genres and more.

Last but not least there is an advanced Search section. Trending titles are suggested even before you start the search. As soon as you type the first letter, suggestions start pouring.

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