iOS 13.4.1 Released To Fix FaceTime Bug

iOS 13.4.1 Software Update screen

iOS 13.4.1 Software Update screen.

Apple has just released iOS 13.4.1, a minor software update that comes two weeks after the more important roll out of iOS 13.4. Today’s update includes two bug fixes. One of them, quite important, addresses a FaceTime issue that prevents iPhones, running the latest iOS 13.4, from engaging in FaceTime calls with Apple devices that are running iOS 9.3.6 or older. The same bug affects video calling Macs on macOS 10.11.6 (OS X El Capitan) or earlier.

Considering that we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, having the stock iOS video calling feature not available for some part of iPhone, iPad and Mac users, can be considered a serious problem. All video calling platforms are experiencing spikes during the lock down caused by the novel Coronavirus outbreak! Cross-platform apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Messenger are important competitors for Apple’s FaceTime feature, which is only available for Apple device users. More, Skype and Zoom are providing a free video conference call option without requiring app download or an account with the platform!

How To Upgrade To iOS 13.4.1
how to update iPhone to iOS 13.4.1 You can grab this latest software update, over-the-air:
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap on General.
3. Select Software Update.
4. Tap Download and Install.
5. Provide your Passcode, Agree with Apple’s terms and be patient until iOS 13.4.1 is deployed on your iPhone. The device will automatically reboot itself when ready.
Fact: iOS 13.4.1 is a minor update, 95,1 MB in size!

iOS 13.4.1 Full Update Log
Because we’re dealing with a minor update, we only have a brief update log that informs us that this new version comes with bug fixes. More exactly two of them:

  • A FaceTime bug: the one that we already discussed in the first part of the article.
  • A Settings quick action bug: was preventing users to select the Bluetooth configuration screen when long-pressing the Settings app on the Home Screen. This has not been fixed!
    Fact: The quick actions of the Settings app, available from the Home Screen are: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Battery and Edit Home Screen

Did you encounter any of the two bugs fixed by iOS 13.4.1? Let us know in the comment section available below!