iOS 13 Night Mode In Camera App Feature

iPhone 11 Night mode feature

iPhone 11 Night mode feature.

Apple has highlighted a new Night Mode feature found in the Camera app of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max flagships. These devices run iOS 13 and most of us are dead curious if this new feature will be also available to older iPhone models, or if Apple will choose to aggressively market the 2019 iPhone flagships by locking the Night Mode option for previous iPhone models. I mean, they could easily claim that the A13 chip is a mandatory hardware requirement for the low-light photo shooting mode and it won’t be a first time they use this excuse.

But first of all, let’s find out more about the iPhone 11 Night Mode feature? Do not confuse the Night mode with the iOS 13 system-wide Dark Mode! The new Camera option practically allows you to snap higher quality photos in low-light conditions, while the Dark Mode is a new display interface that aims to reduce the strain on your eyes, when watching the iPhone’s display in a low-light environment. So, the Camera Night mode, is an automatic mode that kicks in whenever the shooting conditions are dim enough for the feature to make a difference. The photo gets a software facelift that brightens it and reduces the amount of noise.

iPhone 11 Camera Night Mode Feature

This addon is new to the iPhone camera but already available in the smartphone world. With the new Night Mode option Apple catches up with Google, Samsung and Huawei. The Google Pixel 3’s counterpart is called Night Sight feature, while similar low-light photo shooting modes are also found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the Huawei P10 Pro.

How To Use Night Mode Photo Mode in iOS 13

This feature is enabled by default and kicks in automatically when the iPhone’s sensor detect that the light is low in the current environment. The feature can be disabled from the Settings app, in the Camera section. Browse for Settings -> Camera -> Night mode.

iPhone Camera Night Mode Compatibility

At the time of writing its unclear yet of this feature will be available exclusively on the iPhone 11 lineup or if other iOS 13 compatible devices will be also supported. We will update this article as soon as new info is available.
Update: According to the Apple support staff from the hands-on section at Apple’s Special Event keynote, the Night mode will be also available on the iPhone X units. However, this info is unverified yet. Stay tuned!