iOS 14.2: Apps Crashing Bug – iPhone Returns To Home Screen

iOS 14.2 App Crashing bug

iOS 14.2 App Crashing bug

Are apps unexpectedly crashing on your iPhone in iOS 14.2? This is a common occurrence and many apps seem to be affected. In fact, probably any application on your device might randomly close because this looks like an iOS generated bug and not an issue caused by the app itself.

The iOS 14.2 app crashing bug is suddenly closing the app that you’re using, bringing up the Home Screen instead. This happens for both stock and third-party apps. In fact, the app isn’t actually crashing, but more like self-closing. Because as soon as you open it back you can pick up from where you left off. The app isn’t force closed. It remains active in the background and available in the App Switcher.

How To Fix iOS 14.2 App Crashing Bug

snapseed app unexpectedly crashing in iOS 14.2
We’ve noticed that the bug can be temporarily fixed by force closing the app or rebooting you iPhone or iPad. A permanent fix isn’t available at the moment and we most likely need a software update from Apple with an official solution.

1. Force Close App

As mentioned above, you can easily open the app back and resume with what you’ve been doing. However, if the app starts to automatically close too often, it can become annoying. In this case we suggest you save your edits, force quit the software and start fresh.
How To: Half-swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the App Switcher. Dismiss the card of the app in question to force close it. Return to the Home Screen or in the App Library and re-open the application.

2. Force Restart iPhone

The next step is to reboot your iOS device. Quickly press & release in succession: Volume Up, Volume Down and press & hold the Side Button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen. Be patient until your device restarts.
Fact: Unfortunately, both options will only temporarily fix the iOS 14.2 app crashing bug.

3. Update To iOS 14.2.1

We’ve experienced this bug occurring on iPhone 12, 11 and XS devices. Apple has recently released iOS 14.2.1 with some important bug fixes, but the update is only available for iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models. We haven’t experienced this bug since updating an iPhone 12 Pro to iOS 14.2.1. However, it’s too early for a final conclusion.

Updated (November 30)

4. Offload App

Apparently you can fix the app that’s crashing on your iPhone by offloading and reinstalling it:
how to fix apps crashing in ios 14

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Browse for General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll for the app that’s unexpectedly closing and tap on its name.
  • Use the Offload App option. Tap Offload App again
    Fact: This will remove the app from your device, but save its documents and data.
  • Reinstall the app and the data will be recovered. Does this help?

Credits: This fix has been provided by our reader Rich W., in the comments section.

Is your iPhone also experiencing the iOS 14.2 apps crashing problem? Use the comments section and share your feedback. Do mention your device model and the iOS version. Did you find a better fix? Don’t hesitate to mention it.

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