iOS 15 Beta 8 Features, Changes And Known Issues

iOS 15 Beta 8

iOS 15 Beta 8

Apple has released iOS 15 Beta 8 build number 19A5340a (up from 19A5337a) for both Developers as well as Public Beta testers. This version focuses on under-the-hood improvements. No new features have been spotted, when compared to Beta 7, that was rolled out only 6 days ago!

iOS 15 Beta 8 Download

iOS 15 Beta 8 download
As usual with iPhone and iPad software releases the new versions are available over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Fact: The file size is 523.9 MB for iPhone 12 Pro.

Tip: The iOS 15 beta profile has to be installed on your device, for the beta updates to show up on the Software Update screen. If you’re updating from a public iOS 14 version, use this step-by-step guide to download iOS 15 Beta 8!

iOS 15 Beta 8 Changes

  • iOS 15 beta 8 changes in Maps

    Maps: The Add Photos button for uploading an image for a certain location has been repositioned below the actions menu, making it more visible and suggestive.

  • Mail app now shows custom domain aliases in the To: field.
  • iOS 15 beta 8 splash screens
    New Splash Screens for the Podcasts and Translate app can be spotted in this release.
    You can check out more iOS 15 splash screens here.

No other features have been reported yet in this release, when compared to Beta 7. If you spot anything don’t hesitate to inform us, using the comments option available at the end of this article.

You can check out new iOS 15 features reviewed here.

iOS 15 Beta 8 Release Notes

Apple also doesn’t mention any significant changes in the Developer beta release notes.

Fact: iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Public Beta versions are identical with the Developer releases.

iOS 15 Beta 8 Known Issues

Apple mentions the following problems spotted in previous iOS 15 test versions, that haven’t been fixed in Beta 8:

  • Guided Access used with VoiceOver might not be able to be stopped because you can not enter the Guided Access passcode.
    Workaround: Force restart iPhone to end Guided Access.
  • Home Screen might glitch out when you cancel a search in the Widget gallery. The Cancel button might stick and blank out the gallery.
    Workaround: Close and reopen the widget gallery.
  • In Maps rounded building corners might not display properly.
  • Safari might not be able to load the keyboard when tapping an input filed in a Safari Web Extension popup.
  • Siri on-device speech recognition feature only supports the following languages:
    English (US, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia),Chinese (Mandarin – China mainland).

iOS 15 Beta 8 Bugs

Any issues patched by this will be updated here. Don’t hesitate to contribute if you spot any solved problems or new bugs!


To be updated…

Not Fixed

  • AirPods not connecting to iPhone is a problem reported in previous beta. Feedback from our readers confirm that the Unsuccessful Connection issue still flares up in iOS 15 Beta 8!
  • Third-party apps crashing while launching. For example, the AirBnb instantly crashes in iOS 15 Beta 8. This still happens after updating to AirBnB version 21.35. Do you encounter any other apps that crash when opening and are unusable in iOS 15 Beta 8?
    AirBnb app crashing in iOS 15 Beta 8

New Bugs

  • Share Wi-Fi Password keeps popping up every time the iPhone is unlocked although all nearby Apple devices are already connected to the same WiFi network! More details about this iOS 15 bug are available here. Are you also experiencing it?
  • Accelerated battery drain has been also reported. Previous betas have shown good battery performace. Are you also encountering battery depletion problems? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

Have you updated to iOS 15 Beta 8? Did you spot a new feature or encountered a new bug? Use the comments section to share your feedback!

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