iOS 16.5 Features, Bugs Fixed, Release Notes & More (RC)

iOS 16.5 rc

iOS 16.5 RC

Apple has seeded iOS 16.5 RC build number 20F65 for both Developers and Public Beta testers! If no significant issues are reported until next week, this will become the official version.

iOS 16.5 Features

The Release Candidate always includes the final release notes. This version makes no difference. Apple mentions just a couple minor additions like:
iOS 16.5 features

  • 1. A new Pride Celebration wallpaper for Lock Screen to honor the LGBTQ+ community and culture.
  • 2. A new Sports tab in Apple News provides easier access to scores, standings, and more, for the teams and leagues you follow.
  • 3. My Sports score and schedule cards in Apple News bring you directly to game pages with additional details for specific games.
  • Other changes reported by users are tracked here:

  • 4. To be updated! (Contribute in the comments.)

iOS 16.5 Security Updates

Apple also mentions security updates in the release notes, but the document detailing them hasn’t been updated yet.

Fact: Nevertheless, we can safely anticipate that the security fixes included in the iOS 16.4.1a Security Response are included for sure in this release, allowing users that haven’t installed the security add-on to benefit from these fixes too!

iOS 16.5 Bugs Fixed

The update log mentions three issues that have been addressed in this version:

  • 1. Spotlight search not working issue has been addressed.
  • 2. Podcasts in CarPlay not loading content has been also fixed.
  • 3. Screen Time settings not syncing or resetting across your devices.
  • Other issues reported as fixed by users are tracked here:

  • 4. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

More: problems fixed are also mentioned in the Developer Release notes. They address various problems with matter accessories as detailed here.

iOS 16.5 RC Issues

Ongoing problems or new bugs reported in this version are updated here:

  • 1. Lagging notifications bug hasn’t been fixed as reported by Reddit users.
  • 2. To be updated.

iOS 16.5 RC Download

ios 16.5 rc download
The Release Candidate is available, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update on iPhone 8 or later models that run the iOS 16 Beta Profile!

Fact: Never installed an iOS beta on your iPhone? Here is a step-by-step guide!

Have you updated 16.5 RC or iPadOS 16.5 RC on your device? Did you spot any other changes or bug fixes not mentioned in this article? What about ongoing issues? Share bug fixes or new issues detected in the comments!

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