iOS 16 Problems, Bugs? Should You Update? [Issues & Fixes]

iOS 16 update

iOS 16 update

Apple has just released iOS 16 build number 20A362 to the public. Yes, there are dozens of new features and changes that enhance the functionality of your iPhone! What about bugs though? Check out all the problems reported so far, and use the workarounds to fix these early issues.

iOS 16 Problems

ios 16 bugs
Check out a list with the most common iOS 16 issues. If available, workarounds are also provided:

  • 1. iOS 16 update stuck on requested, downloading or preparing.
    Fix: Delete the update file in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage and start over.
  • 2. Cannot Verify AirPods popup shown for genuine AirPods.
    Fix: Un-pair and re-pair AirPods as shown here.
  • 3. WiFi not working properly, frequently connecting and disconnecting, no traffic although Wi-Fi icon is displayed in the status bar.
    Fix: Open Settings -> WiFi and connection will resume. This is only temporary though. Another workaround implies enabling Wi-Fi Assist in Settings -> Cellular -> WiFi Assist (at the bottom of the screen)
  • 4. Search field missing in the Emoji Lock Screen editor.
  • 5. American Express cards might have to be removed and re-added to Wallet app as described here.
  • 6. Remind Me messages won’t show at the top of the messages list in Mail, unless the email list is refreshed.
    Workaround: Reload Inbox.
  • 7. Touch not working properly after iOS 16 update. Reported on by Jim S. (iPhone XR), Bess (iPhone 11), Shammil (iPhone XS)
    Fix: downgrade to iOS 15. (looking for better options, to be updated.)
  • 8. Unsend Messages not working as expected. Text is disappearing only at the sender’s end. Reported by Steve R. (iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • 9. Duplicates not available in Photos, in the Utilities section. Reported by Michael S. (iPhone 13 Pro Max UK.) and a dozen others. Dedicated page for this issue is available here!
  • 10. Assistive Touch button not moving after update. Reported by lucinda and several others.
    Fix: Turn feature Off and back On. More details available here.
  • 11. Apple Watch Mirroring option missing from Accessibility. Reported by Mo.
  • 12. Back tap not working when Scroll Up or Scroll Down gestures are selected. Reported by Kevin.
    Workaround: Use AssistiveTouch to scroll. More details available here.
  • 13. Unable to exit full screen mode when watch videos in third-party apps like Gmail, Google Photos. Reported by Adam
    Workaround: Swipe-up for the App Switcher and force close the app. Re-open and resume browsing.
  • 14. Groups not showing up in Messages when trying to share an image. Reported by Jennifer.
    Workaround: Manually enter each group participant in the To: field.
  • 15. Third-party headphones poor sound quality after iOS 16 update. Reported by Steve.
    Fix: Unpair and re-pair headphones!
  • 16. To be updated. (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 16 Update Not Available?

If your iPhone is compatible, the update should be available, over-the-air, in Settings -> General -> Software Update.

However, if the new release isn’t showing up try the following fixes:

  • 1. Restart iPhone – Perform a force restart and try again.
  • 2. Remove iOS 16 Beta Profile – If you tested iOS 16 during the summer, you have to delete the iOS 16 Configuration profile to get back to the public updates. Do it in Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management.
  • 3. Check Current Build Number – If your iPhone is running the Release Candidate, you won’t see any new update, because the public iOS 16 version has the same build number. Check the current version on your iPhone in Settings -> General -> About -> iOS Version.

iOS 16 Bugs Fixed

Common issues reported during the beta versions and fixed in this public release are listed below:

  • To be updated!
  • Tip: For more details you can also check the iOS 16 Developer release notes.

iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 release notes

iOS 16 release notes

This update is packed with new features and enhancements. Here are some of the most important ones:

    iOS 16 features

  • Personalized Lock Screen – Add widgets, customize style, color and fonts, numerous wallpaper options, link focus to Lock Screen and more.
  • Unsend, Unread & Edit Messages – Much awaited new functionality for the iMessages system allows you to undo send, mark texts as unread to review them later and edit sent messages.
  • Mail gets Undo Send, Scheduled Send, Remind Me features and much more
  • Much More: To check out all iOS 16 features please read our extended review available here.
  • Fact: If you encounter problems with a new feature please share the issue in the comments. We will try to replicate and provide a workaround asap.

Should I Update?

The beta testing versions have been quite stable and did not show any major bugs that are left to be patched in the later versions.

However, considering that this is a huge release, new issues not detected in the testing stages, might surface. If you’re happy with your current iOS 15 version we recommend you to wait it out a couple of days.

Check back to this article before you plan to upgrade, because we’re updating several times a day with bugs reported by readers in the comments and via our bug report form.

Have you installed iOS 16 on your iPhone? What’s your feedback? Do you encounter any issues that aren’t mentioned in this article? Share your feedback in the comments and we will try to provide a fix as soon as possible.

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