iOS 16 Public Beta 4 Bugs, Fixes, Features [Live Support]

iOS 16 Public Beta 4

iOS 16 Public Beta 4

Apple has released iOS 16 Public Beta 4 build number 20A5349b, only a few hours after Developer Beta 6. This update comes with bugs fixes and performance improvements exactly one week after Public Beta 3. Check out all bugs, get the fixes, new features and more in this extended review!

iOS 16 Public Beta 4 Bugs

We start with the new problems reported for this version. You should know what to expect before updating:

  • 1. Dark Clock On Lock Screen not readable if full screen Music player, or wallpaper image has a dark color.
    dark clock on lock screen not readable
    Reported by kyemaloy14 on Reddit.
    Fix: Change Clock color to white or a light shade when you edit Lock Screen.
  • 2. Credit/debit cards removed from Wallet after iOS 16 PB 4 update. | Reported by JamesV in the comments.
    Fix: Re-add card in Wallet, it should work without any other issues.
  • 3. Merging duplicate photos causes images to be removed from Shared Albums. | Reported by jimmyhowejr on Reddit.
    Fix: Not available yet.
  • 4. Banking apps still not working and won’t probably work until the iOS 16 Release Candidate version.
    Fix: Use a secondary device running iOS 15.6 or earlier.
  • 5. iPhone running hot and lags, sometimes gets stuck in a mini-reboot loop. | Reported by Justin.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 6. Black box on Lock Screen, extreme battery usage, device overheats. | Reported by Loreen.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 7. Slow scrolling in Safari iPhone acting laggy and getting hot. | Reported by E.
    Workaround: Sign Out of Apple ID (to be confirmed).
  • 8. Isolating objects in Photos not working for some users. | Reported by Moamen O.
    Fix: Reboot device (not confirmed).
  • To be updated!

iOS 16 Public Beta Issues Fixed

We continue with common bugs from the previous bets which have been fixed in this release:

  • Unlock iPhone animation lag was causing the Lock Screen animation to stutter, as shown here. (Status: Fixed!)
  • WiFi disconnecting and reconnecting after iPhone gets unlock. (Status: Fixed!)
  • Charging bug causes iPhone to stop charging at 80% and then again at 90% (with Optimized battery charging turned OFF!) (Status: To be tested!)
  • ‘Set Wallpaper’ Shortcuts action works in this release! | Reported by iKl3W on Reddit.
  • Weather Lock Screen has been improved and doesn’t glitch out anymore.
  • Sunrise and Sunset widget is now also able to show sunsets and not only sunrises as in the previous betas.
    sunrise and sunset widget fixed on lock sceen
  • To be updated!
  • Fact: For more know issues and deprecations reported by Apple for this release please read the complete Developer release notes over here.

iOS 16 Public Beta 4 Features

Changes and other enhancements when compared to Public Beta 3 are available below:

  • 1. Battery Percentage can be disabled in Low Power Mode. In Settings -> Battery, Battery Percentage isn’t greyed out in the ON position anymore. You can disable it after enabling Low Power Mode if you want to.
    disable battery percentage in low power mode
    Credits to freaktheclown on Reddit.
  • 2. Fitness app in iOS 16 default Home Screen layout, available on page 2, in the third row between iTunes Store and Watch. | Credits to sickpanda42 on Reddit.
  • 3. Remind Me emails show in Inbox after you set a reminder for later. They’re also available in the Remind Me section, under Mailboxes.
  • 4. Full Screen Music Player on Lock Screen is a little bit smaller when compared to the previous beta.
    full screen music player changes in pb 4
  • 5. New Split Layout for landscape view in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 Lock Screen. | Credits to Michael0810 on Reddit.
  • To be updated!
  • Tip: To check out everything that’s new in iOS 16 when compared to iOS 15, please read our complete features list.

iOS 16 Public Beta 4 Update

iOS 16 Public Beta 4 update

  • This release is available as usual, over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install, input Passcode and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Fact: For the iOS 16 PB 4 to show up in the software update screen you need to download and install the iOS 16 Configuration Profile from Apple’s Beta Software Program website. All details are available here.

Should I Update?

iOS 16 Public Beta 4 build number
Judging the build number 20A5349b, the fact that it ends with a ‘b’ means that Apple identifies this as a stable version.

Nevertheless, you’re still getting the warning that you shouldn’t update a beta version on your main device.

At the time of writing, we’re only an hour into this release. So, there hasn’t passed enough time to provide a clear answer. Bookmark this page, return later and check four our Live Support in the comments!

Have yo updated to iOS 16 Public Beta 4? Share your feedback in the comments. Do mention if you spot any change when compared to the previous beta. What about new bugs or known bugs that have been fixed?

Live Support: We’re offering free support in the comments. Share your problem and we will try to replicate and provide a fix!

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