iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Issues, Bugs Fixed, Features [Q & A]

iOS 16 Public Beta 5

iOS 16 Public Beta 5

Apple has released iOS 16 Public Beta 5 update. It comes with the same build number 20A5356a, as yesterday’s Developer Beta 7, which confirms that the two versions are identical. Check out what’s new including issues, bugs fixed and features!

iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Issues

Before you update to this latest release check out the new bugs that have been reported so far:

  • Stock iOS 16 wallpaper not switching to dark theme when Dark mode is enabled. Bug or intended behavior?
  • Notification Center in landscape mode UI glitches if you open it while watching videos. Reported by harunatsu91202024
  • Clock on Lock Screen displays smaller if you lock iPhone while in landscape mode. Reported by BasicallyH
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments)
  • Tip: For known issues check out the iOS 16 Developer Beta 7 release notes.

iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Bugs Fixed

Here we update the problems solved by this release, when compared to PB 4:

  • Battery life returns to normal usage times. (Status: Fixed)
  • To be updated!

iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Features

Any changes spotted in this update, when compared to Public Beta 4, are mentioned here:

  • Clock displays higher in the Notification Center in landscape mode. Spotted by alcoholguy.
  • To be updated!
  • Tip: To check all iOS 16 features please read our extended review.

iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Update

ios 16 public beta 5 update

  • This release is available, over-the-air, in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install, Agree with Apple’s terms and be patient until the update is requested, downloaded, prepared, verified and installed.
  • Tip: You do need the iOS 16 Configuration Profile installed on your iPhone / iPad for the update to show up. You can enroll your device by signing in to Apple’s Beta Software Program website, using your Apple ID. A step-by-step guide is available here.

iOS 16 Public Beta 5 Not Available

Is the update not showing up in Software Update?

If your iPhone already runs an iOS 16 beta version please check if the Configuration Profile is still installed in:
Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Manangement. If it’s not there use the tips provided above to install it.

Else, reboot iPhone and try again. iOS 16.0 update should show up!

Have you installed the iOS 16 PB 5 update? Did you spot any changes that aren’t mentioned in this article? What about bugs fixes, or new issues? Share your feedback in the comments.

Related: Apple has also released iPadOS 16.1 Public Beta (20B5027f).

Fact: It’s a premiere for this beta testing stage that the iOS and iPadOS versions have a different build number and even a different version number, confirming that iPadOS 16 release will be most probably delayed.