iOS 16.1 Beta Issues, Bugs Fixed, New Features & More

iOS 16.1 Beta update

iOS 16.1 Beta update

Apple has released the first iOS 16.1 beta build number 20B5045d for Developers and Public Beta testers. It comes with new features, bug fixes as well as its own share of bugs and issues, that have to be fine tuned until the public release expected for October, alongside the delayed iPadOS 16!

iOS 16.1 Features

Check out a list with the new features uncovered in this version:

  • 1. Clean Energy Charging setting in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging.
    iOS 16.1 clean energy charging option
  • 2. Matter Accessories option in Settings -> General, below CarPlay and above iPhone Storage.
    ios 16.1 matter accessories settings
  • 3. Battery percentage in status bar for iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone Minis.
    battery percentage status bar
  • 4. Get Current Focus action now available in Shortcuts.
  • 5. Customize Home Screen wallpaper in Lock Screen edit menu.
  • 6. AirPods icon displayed at the bottom of the Music app.
  • 7. New Screenshots UI using pull down menu when saving edits.
    iOS 16.1 new screenshot ui
  • Live Activities are live including documentation for Dark mode. Reported by haukesomm on Reddit.
    ios 16.1 live activities dark mode
  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 16.1 Beta Issues

Problems reported in this release are mentioned below together with available fixes:

  • 1. WhatsApp crashing when sending an image. Reported by DavidGman and Sotol.
    Workaround: Use Share menu in Photos app.
  • 2. Unable to Check for Update error in Settings -> General -> Software Update, while running iOS 16.1 Beta! Reported by Lars.
    Update: Issue has been fixed by Apple server-side. More details here.
    unable to check for update error iOS 16.1
  • 3. App Library bug in iOS 16.1 causes swipes on Home Screen not to work anymore. Reported by Jannes
    Fix: Reboot iPhone / iPad. (Only temporary, issue comes back.)
  • 4. Swiping not working at all in iPadOS 16.1 (PB2) including swipe up to go Home, swipe down for Notification Center, swipe to unlock, Swipe between home pages and more.Reported by Axel.
    Temporary Fix: Force restart device.
  • 5. GPS not working on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max in this version. Reported by Benji200.
    Workaround: Downgrade to iOS 16.0.1 or be patient until the next beta is released. More details about his issue available here.
  • 6. To be updated!
  • Fact: For more details regarding known issue you can also check the iOS 16.1 Beta release notes for Developers.

iOS 16.1 Beta Bugs Fixed

Issues reported in iOS 16.0 and fixed in this release are mentioned here:

  • To be updated! (Contribute in the comments!)

iOS 16.1 Beta Download

(Update, September 15)
This version is currently only available to registered Apple Developers as well as Public Beta testers!

For the update to show up in Settings -> General -> Software Update, you need the appropriate configuration profile installed on your iPhone.

The iOS 16 Public Beta Profile can be downloaded from the Apple Beta Software Program website. A step-by-step guide is available here.

Have you installed iOS 16.1 beta on iPhone? Did you spot any other changes not mentioned in this article? What about bugs? Share your feedback in the comments!

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