iOS 7.0.6 SSL Connection Security Update

iOS 7.0.6 upgrade

iOS 7.0.6 SSL Security Upgrade Notification.

Apple recently rolled out an update for iOS 7 which aims to correct an exploitable security breach. This flaw is occurring while using the SSL connection on versions up to 7.0.4.

This latest update has been named iOS 7.0.6 and ensures that a potential privileged network attacker isn’t capable anymore to capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS. More info about this update can be found on Apple’s official support page for this upgrade.

SSL comes from Secure Sockets Layer and has the role of encrypting data transfered between a browser and a server. It’s usually used for financial transactions and pretty much any data encryption that involves passwords, credit card details and other protected data.

Is it safe to Upgrade to iOS 7.0.6?

Sure, there is no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to this latest iOS 7 version. Even users with jailbroken iPhones are safe to upgrade. This security update does not interfere with Evasi0n or any other software that you used to Jailbreak your Apple device. You’ll simply have to upgrade your software after updating iOS.

How To Update?

Grab your iPhone and tap Settings -> General -> Sofware Update. Your device will search for the update and find iOS 7.0.6. Tap Download and Install and process will start. Upgrade will be downloaded, installed, your iPhone will reboot and ready to go within 10 minutes!

Very Important
Make sure that your battery percentage is over 50%, or if lower, that your iPhone is connected to a power source. Else, the Download and Install feature will be inactive.

iOS 7.0.6 Update Demo

I upgraded my 5s to the latest iOS version and recorded this tutorial for you. Please note that the update popped out while I had my iPhone connected to iTunes and that the download has been made via the notebook software. In the video you can watch the installation part.

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