iOS 7.1.2 Update Review

ios 7.1.2 updates

iOS 7.1.2 Updates

Did you experience problems with your iPhone’s Bluetooth connectivity? Or have you had any problems using the QPR scanner (that’s the scanner used for reading bar codes) on your iOS device? The most probable answer to all these questions is NO, because the problems where not that serious to be noticed. Anyway you should proceed and update your iPhone to the latest iOS release, the 7.1.2.

iOS 7.1.2 Updates
– it brings improvements to the iBeacon connectivity and stability.
– it fixes a data transfer bug of 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners
– it corrects and issue with the data protection class of Mail attachments

iOS 7.1.2 Review
We recently updated all iPhones from our office to this latest iOS version. As mentioned above there is no noticeable difference, because we experienced a good Bluetooth connection until now too and also the bar code scanners did not encounter problems. However, you should take those 7 minutes and perform the upgrade when you have some free time.

iOS 7.1.2 Update Procedure
Watch this video tutorial and see how and iPhone 5S is updated from iOS 7.1.1 to the latest 7.1.2 version.