Complete iOS 7.1 Update Review feat. All Upgrades & Fixes

ios 7.1 logo

iOS 7.1 Logo.

The latest iOS update has been released and it’s entitled 7.1. This is the first significant iPhone 5s software update and here is a detailed article that reviews all changes and improvements.

Our first impression is that iOS 7.1 provides extra pace to your Apple device. The iPhone 5s moves even faster than before when switching between screens, apps or menus. The TouchID software has also been enhanced thus unlocking via Fingerprint is done faster. I invite you to continue reading and check all upgrades and fixes.

Visual & Display Changes

1. Phone Interface: the large rectangular buttons which are tapped for Calling, Answering or Declining have been redesigned and replaced by round ones. You can notice significant visual changes on the Dialpad, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, Ongoing Call and the other similar screens.
Comment: This isn’t quite handy. If you’re in a hurry it’s certainly harder to hit the smaller buttons now!
2. Fonts & Color Tones have also been tweaked thus enhancing contrast and improving your iPhone’s display.
3. Bold font option for Keyboard, Calculator and other Icons has been added!
4. Weather app has more visible filled-in icons that show the actual weather and forecast. They are easier to spot while taking a short glimpse.
5. Calendar can now display important events in month view!
6. Reduce Motion or stop parallax effect available for Weather, Messages and multitasking UI animations.

Functionality & Accessibility Upgrades

1. TouchID & Passcode has it’s own menu branch on the Settings page, right after Sounds. More than that, as mentioned before, the fingerprint recognition process has been enhanced and unlocking is done faster. iPhone reacts almost instantly when applying your fingerprint.
2. Siri has also been improved. In terms of functionality you can manually control when the virtual assistant starts listening to your commands and when it should stop, by pressing the home button and holding on for as long as you speak.
Siri has also become more human with the iOS 7.1 update. The biggest difference can be noticed while using the British English, Australian, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese languages.
3. HDR Auto is perhaps one of the most important improvements provided by iOS 7.1. Till now you only had the ON/OFF option available and you had to manually switch between this iPhone camera option. HDR Auto will automatically let your device decide whether it needs the feature active or not while snapping a photo. HDR is particularly helpful when shooting pics in bright light and you need your iPhone to focus on more objects.
4. CarPlay enables full integration of your iPhone with your car. It provides a rapid connection between your phone and car, while supporting Phone, Music, Maps, Messages and other audio apps! You can control your iPhone using Siri or the car’s buttons, knobs and/or touchscreen.
Comments: only available on cars produced starting with 2014 by Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Apple has also announced upcoming partnerships with BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot-Citroen, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota.
5. iTunes Radio has also received some tweaks with the latest iOS update. A search field has been added above Featured Stations. You can also enjoy ad-free iTunes Radio by subscribing to iTunes Match on your iPhone.

Bug Fixes

Occasional home screen crash bug has been fixed.
Bug fixed for Mail unread badge for mails over 10,000.
Occasional fingerprint recognition bug fixed.
Improved performance for iPhone 4 models.

iOS 7.1 Video Review

Check this iOS 7.1 tutorial, get 1-on-1 comparison with the iOS 7 version and notice the most important upgrades and fixes!


YES, we certainly DO recommend updating your iPhone to iOS 7.1. Excepting a few minor flaws the improved user interface as well as the functionality and accessibility upgrades, the smoother feel and improved agility make the switch definitely worthwhile!