iOS 8 Installation Steps and Facts

ios 8 release

iOS 8 Release.

Apple have released the much expected iOS 8 version on September 17 at 1pm Eastern Time (6pm GMT+1). We where prompt and already upgraded our iDevices to the newest version, did some initial test and are now ready to share some important facts and tips with you.

First of all, as you can notice, in the nearby image, that this upgrade is 1,1 GB big. However, do mind that your iPhone will ask for 5,8 GB free space in order to have enough room for maneuver and accommodate a smooth upgrade. So, yeah if you consider the size this is really and important upgrade that comes with plenty new features.

iOS 8 Update Duration
Next, please consider that your iPhone needs about 40 minutes to download the 1,1 GB large update package and then an additional 25 Minutes to perform the installation and reboot with the new iOS 8. This means that you should check for at least 60% Battery juice in your Apple device, or best to connect it to a power source during download and installation.

iOS 8 Upgrade Steps
Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to have a smooth and pleasant iOS 8 update.
1. To upgrade your iPhone from iOS 7.1.2 version tap on Settings -> General -> Software Update. Your device will search now for the latest update and will prompt you with the screen available above.
2. If you don’t have enough free space to accommodate the upgrade, you’ll be asked to visit ‘Usage Settings’ and find out which app ‘eats’ most memory. In my case it was the Photo & Camera one with almost 7 GB. I connected the iPhone to my computer saved all movies and photos and obtain enough space to proceed to ‘Step 3’.
3. If memory isn’t a problem you will be able to skip ‘Step 2’ and find the ‘Download and Install’ button active. Tap it, enter passcode, agree terms and your iPhone starts to download the latest iOS version.
4. 40 minutes later the download should finish and the ‘Install Now’ button becomes available. Tap it, type passcode once again, agree with terms and the iOS 8 Installation is unfolding.
5. iOS 8 will be ready to use 25 minutes later. Check the video tutorial available below for extended details.

iOS 8 Installation Facts
– Total Duration: 65 Minutes (includes 40 Mins download time + 25 Mins installation duration)
– Free Memory Needed: 5,8 GB (1,1 GB for update package + 4,7 GB free space for smooth installation)
– Update Content: hundreds of updates and new features.
– Classic Question: ‘Should I upgrade to iOS 8?’ | Easy Answer: ‘Without a doubt!’

iOS 8 Upgrade Tutorial
Watch how I upgraded my iPhone 5S running iOS 7.1.2 to the latest iOS 8 version!