iOS 8 Interactive Notifications Trick

ios 8 interactive notifications

iOS 8 Interactive Notifications Trick.

Time to show you another neat iOS 8 feature that will spare you from changing apps and switching in-between iPhone screens, when replying to a message conversation. It’s an option that copes with today’s alert lifestyle, in which every spare second makes a huge difference!

Yes, I’m talking about the new iOS 8 Interactive Notifications feature. It allows you to quickly respond to a notification from within any screen of your iPhone. For example, if you’re browsing the web via Safari and a contact sends you an iMessage or SMS, you’ll be notified, live, with an instant notification alert. It’s the small slider that unfolds from the top of your iPhone’s screen.

This way your iPhone alerts you about the writer and shows a line of the message and let’s you decide whether the message is important and requires and instant reply, or if you can continue your work and handle the conversation later on.

How To Use iOS Interactive Notification
With this new feature offered by Apple via the iOS 8 upgrade, instant notifications become interactive too. You now have three options when you’re notified about an incoming message:
1. Ignore: You can be way too absorbed by your current work and simply ignore the notification, and let it slide back up on its own.
2. Slide Up: You are also very involved in your current iPhone activity and don’t wish to engage in a message conversation, but the sliding notification covers the top of your screen. Now, you want to immediately get rid of it and slide the notification up to dismiss it!
3. Slide Down: In this case the message is important and you wish to reply as soon as possible. Here comes the best part! Simply, slide the notification down and your actions are revealed. For example, you can instantly reply to a message via text, voice or image input. The gig is that you don’t have to switch iPhone screen and open the message thread. Action unfolds on your current screen and you can continue working as soon as you reply.
Important: Interactive Notifications work also if your iPhone’s screen is locked. In this case you can slide left and decide what action to take without unlocking your screen. Sliding right will ask you to unlock the phone and lead you to the conversation screen, as usual.

Which Apps are supported?
Currently the slide notification down to reply feature works for iOS native Apps like Messages, iMessages, Mail but Apple have confirmed that the feature can be embedded to any 3rd party app and it’s expected that popular apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and many others to release updated versions that will include this feature.

iOS 8 Interactive Notification Video
Haven’t seen enough? Watch this video tutorial and witness the iOS 8 Interactive notification trick live at work!
[Video will be updated soon]