iOS 8 New Features and Updates

ios 8 features

iOS 8 Features & Updates.

Apple claim that iOS 8 is their biggest iOS release ever, with hundreds of upgrades and new features. We’ve checked the complete update list out for you and it really is a long and impressive one. I’ve selected and will briefly present the most important ones, as well as provide you with the full list of changes.

Updates and news are available for pretty much every iOS feature starting with Message improvements and continuing to Photos, Camera, Mail, Spotlight, Siri, Safari, Maps, App Store. New Apps are also available, like for example the anticipated Health App, Tips, iBooks, Podcast, Battery Usage and so on.

I can also highlight new features like ‘Interactive Notification Messages’, ‘FaceTime Audio Call Waiting’, Accessibility features, QuickType Keyboard, iCloud Drive, Family Sharing, Enterprise, Expanded Language Support and much more. Bug fixes have also been included, of course.

10 Eye-Catching iOS 8 Features
1. Time-lapse mode: If it’s eye catching it has to have something to do with the camera. iOS 8 comes with a built-in time-lapse feature that provides a special recording option, which allows videos to be played at high-speeds and offer lapsing effect. However, you can’t currently switch between speeds so, the Hyperlapse app still remains mandatory on your device.
2. Family Sharing: Is a new App Store feature that allows you to purchase apps or other iTunes products and share them with up to 6 family members.
3. Medical ID: Offers the option to store vital health information on your iPhone that will help medical professional in case of an emergency. The Medical ID can be made available from the lock screen. It can store vital information as: Medications, Allergies & Reactions, Medical Notes, Medical Conditions, Blood type, Emergency Contact, Organ Donor.
4. Instant Hotspot: is a feature that many of us where waiting for. It allows your iPhone to become a Hotspot for other iDevices, using its cellular data connection. Till now this was possible only if a WiFi connection was available.
5. Handoff: is a great continuity add-on that allows you to continue your work while you switch from an iPhone to an iPad or a Mac.
6.Hey Siri!‘: is a new but rather controversial feature. It’s very useful because it activates your Virtual assistant, by simply calling it via the ‘Hey Siri!’ command. However, this works only if your iPhone is plugged in. More, the former Raise to Speak feature has been removed.
7. Credit Card Scan: with Apple introducing NFC on their iPhone 6 devices and promoting Apple Pay, the Safari browser and the iSight camera work hand in hand and are able to scan and register your credit card.
8. Quick Contact Access: This is really handy. Your latest contacts are displayed above the apps in multitasking mode. That’s when you double press the home button.
9. Interactive Notifications: is also eye-catching. If you browse your iPhone and have an incoming Messages, Mail or 3rd party app notification, you can swipe down and answer from the same screen, without needing to access the particular app!
10. FaceTime Audio Messages & Call Waiting: Another welcomed upgrade that allows you to see if someone else is trying to FaceTime you and use Call waiting to manage multiple FaceTime audio calls. More, you can now send recorded Audio messages via FaceTime.

If all these new features have convinced you to upgrade your iPhone here is an article that provides all instructions for the iOS 8 install.

All iOS 8 New Features Video
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