iOS 8 Shutter Timer Feature

ios camera timer setup

iOS 8 Camera Timer setup.

Apple have finally built-in the much expected timer feature for their Camera App. The iOS 8 release comes with a new Shutter Timer option that provides a reasonable delay between the moment of shutter pressing and actual shooting. This allows iPhone users to include themselves in their photos, without the need of using 3rd party camera timer apps.

With this camera timer option, you can now take selfie photos using your iPhone’s main high quality iSight camera. Include yourself in your photos by placing your iDevice in a stable place, frame your shot and start the countdown. Or simply use the old fashioned selfie technique, without needing to focus on the shutter press!

Never again worry about the sacrificed one that has to take the picture and miss out from a group photo. With the iOS 8 camera timer feature everyone can fit in the frame. You can pick a countdown interval of 3 or 10 seconds, from the moment that you press the shutter button until your iPhone initiates the photo burst.

Why a burst? Because Apple wants to offer you the chance do shoot the best selfie. Whenever you enable the shutter timer, your Apple device will shoot 10 frames in a burst and automatically pick the best one for you. You can edit the burst, yourself and manually select the image that you like most!

How To Use Shutter Timer
Simply open the Camera app and tap the small clock icon available nearby the HDR setting. Select the desired number of seconds (3s or 10s) and get ready to shoot. Next, press the shutter button and smile! Notice in the bottom right corner how the countdown unfolds until the 10-frame burst starts.
Tip: When enabled the shutter timer remains active. You need to tap on the clock icon again and select ‘Off’ if you wish to return to normal snapping mode.

iOS 8 Camera Timer Demo
Watch this useful tutorial and see how to use the self shutter timer on your iOS device.