iOS 9 Photos Scrubber And Mass Selector Tools

ios 9 photos scrubber

iOS 9 Photos Scrubber.

The built-in Photos app also got its fair share of upgrades with the release of iOS 9. The most noticeable change is the new Scrubber, available in the bottom part of the image preview screen. Swiping across this banner, composed by the multitude of adjacent images, from your iPhone’s Camera Roll (or any other folder), easily fast-forwards you to the neighboring images. Of course, you can also slide backwards and navigate to older files!

The Scrubber is a welcomed addition because it increases browsing efficiency. Imagine that with a single swipe you can navigate between tens of photos, sparing you from a bunch of extra traditional finger slides, that would be required, in order to move forward or backwards between pictures. Whenever you reach an image that you search for, release the swipe and the screen remains focused on the photo in question.

iOS 9 Photos Scrubber
ios 9 photos scrubber demo I recorded a short demo and uploaded it for you. Watch it and you’ll see how simple it is to use the image scrubber. Whenever you reach a photo that you want to take a closer look at, release the slider and tap your iPhone’s screen once to hide the scrubber and get the full-screen image view. Further, you can pinch to zoom in and out, or if you’re an iPhone 6S / 6S Plus owner you can 3D Touch the display and animate the image (only works if the frame was shot with the Live Photos feature, turned ON).
Fact: This new tool works both in portrait and landscape mode.

How To Mass Select Photos in iOS 9
ios 9 mass photo selection Another optimization trick introduced by Apple to the native Photos app is the option to rapidly select a large amount of images. It’s a new gesture trick that allows you to swipe across the screen and instantly check the pictures that you want to Share, Delete or Relocate.
Step 1: Open Photos and browse to Camera Roll or any other picture collection.
Step 2: Tap Select, available in the top-right corner of the screen.
Step 3: Swipe your finger across the thumbnails of the images that you want to select.
Step 4: Pick the desired action: Share Sheet button, Add To or Delete icon.