iOS 9 Pinch To Zoom Video Feature

iphone video playback zooming

iPhone Video Playback Zooming.

More good news pour in for iPhone fans, from our iOS 9 beta testing bank. Apple have finally introduced the zooming feature for its native video player. This means that you can now pinch to zoom while watching videos on your iOS device, a feature previously available only within the Photos app. It’s true that this shortage can be bypassed with the help of third party media playing apps, but having the option available as stock is always more efficient.

Why is video zooming required? The same reasons you need to enlarge an image are valid for video too. Sometimes recording from a distance make smaller objects, from the frame, not completely distinguishable. Magnifying the view helps you out to exactly notice an action performed by a character or any other occurrence in the movie.

iphone ios 9 zoom in iOS 9 Pinch To Zoom In & Out Demo
Check the short animation available nearby and see how video magnifying works on an iPhone 5S running the iOS 9 beta 2. You can notice that the timelapse continues its playback while the zooming action unfolds. After you zoom in, you can drag the fingers on the screen to pan the view and center on the object that you want to have a better view at. To return to normal viewing size, perform the pinch-out gesture. This will trigger a zoom out command.

Zoom iPhone Videos With Third Party Players
Until iOS 9 is released to the general public, this fall, you can use third party video players for enlarging clips. Here are a few of them that do a great job. App Store direct download links available too:
1. Zoom Zoom Player Lite (FREE) – This app is developed by kyxn and is able to play all video formats supported by your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can open your clips from Camera Roll. Double tap on the screen to enable zoom mode. The free version provides a 2x magnifying tool. You can use your finger to pan the view while in zoomed mode. Double tap again to return to normal view. If you wish to play those HD clips 4x enlarged and benefit from many other features, opt for the full version of Zoom Zoom Player ($1.99).
2. Video Zoom ($1.99) – This software also provides video editing features. It can help you add zoom to videos that have been already recorded. You can crop your iPhone clips and enlarge them if you forgot to magnify while capturing.