iOS 9 Search Settings For Easier Browsing

iphone ios 9 search settings

iPhone iOS 9 Search Settings.

Another significant trademark of the 9th iOS generation is the new ability of being able to search the Settings app. Because of this you can reach an option much faster, without needing to tap and scroll to the specific sub-menu. The new look-up feature called Search Settings, is interactive, as all other look-for tools available on your iPhone. This means that the search displays suggested results in real-time as you type your keyword.

Search Settings isn’t the main look up novelty released in iOS 9. Proactive Search grabs the headlines, but you must agree that this feature is also really helpful. If you aren’t an Apple power user, you might not memorize the multitude of settings available on your smartphone or tablet. The new look-for tool simplifies everything, allowing you to easily tweak the most hidden iOS options.

How To Use iPhone Search Settings
iphone search settings demo Every time when you open Settings, on your iPhone, and aim to tweak a feature that’s not easily accessible from the Settings home screen, or you know the option’s name, but don’t know in which sub-menu it’s situated, tap on the top Search Settings field. The iOS keyboard unveils from the bottom of the screen and you can start typing the name of the characteristic that you wish to edit. With each new letter, the suggested search results adjust, until the searched item becomes available. Tap it and you’ll be redirected to the specific Settings page.

iOS 9 Search Settings Facts
– As with the other look-for tools, it makes a difference if your two-worded keyword is typed together or spaced. For example, if you search for “Auto fill” you’ll end up with no results because the setting is spelled correctly together: “AutoFill”.
– Numbers work too. The search is not only letter-friendly.
– Third party apps settings like Location access, Notification options and much more are also available with this interactive search tool.
– If you reconsider tap Cancel, available in the top-right corner to abort your search.