iOS LED Flash for Alerts Setting

iPhone 5s LED flash alert

iPhone 5s LED Flash Alert!

You might have noticed iPhone’s that start flashing and blinking when they ring or receive a message, but your device is not acting the same. That’s because the default setting of the LED Flash for Alerts setting is disabled. No worries though as you can enable it in no time!
You can set your iPhone’s flash to react whenever you receive a call, a message or any other notification. This way you’ll have one more alert in place which comes along with the audio ringing and the vibration pattern, to make sure that you don’t miss your conversations.

How To Enable Flash for Alerts

Grab your iOS 7 device and tap on Settings. Scroll to General, enter Accessibility and search for LED Flash for Alerts option. Tap the nearby button to enable it. That’s it! Return to this menu and tap again whenever you wish to disable this feature.

When Will My iPhone Flash?

With this setting active your iOS device will provide visual alerts whenever your device is locked. If you are using the phone, the LED Flash Alert won’t engage because your iPhone assumes that you are already aware. Check the video below and watch my demo for more info.

LED Flash For Alerts Demo

Notice how my iPhone 5s flashes when a call is incoming, a SMS message is received or any other notification arrives. Flash alerts are automatically deactivated when phone is active and not locked.

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