iPadOS 15 Features, Release Notes, Bugs & More

iPadOS 15 update

iPadOS 15 update

Apple has released iPadOS 15 build number 19A346 to the public. You can download it now on every compatible iPad. iPadOS 15 focuses on multitasking, widgets, App Library, Quick Notes and more.

iPadOS 15 Download

iPadOS 15 download

  • You can update over-the-air in Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Tap on iPadOS 15.0, at the bottom of the screen in the Also Available section.
  • Hit Download and Install.
  • Enter your iPad’s passcode, Agree with Apple’s Terms and be patient until the 4.14 GB large iPadOS 15 update file is downloaded. (Should take around 10 minutes).
  • Tap Install Now if required and be patient until the update is verified and installed on your device.

    Fact: Your iPad will reboot to mark the end of the update process. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure iPadOS 15 and start exploring it!

iPadOS 15 Features

iPadOS 15 new features
Some of the most important enhancements that are iPadOS15 exclusive are:

  • New Multitasking menu available at the top of the screen for: Split View, Slide Over or Full Screen (Also available via keyboard shortcuts while using an external keyboard)
  • Multi-window shelf available in apps for quick access to all open windows.
  • App Switcher supports Slide Over apps and allows Split View
  • A new option that allows you to open a window centered on the screen without leaving the current view in Mail, Messages, Notes, Files and other third-party apps that update with support for this new feature.
  • Home Screen widgets are finally supported, with an extra large widget size available only on iPad
  • App Library is now also available on iPad. Open it with the help of an icon available in the Dock.
  • Home Screen pages can be reordered and hidden.
  • Quick Note allows you to instantly write a note from any app on the iPad. Just drag your finger or use the Apple Pencil as described here.

iPadOS 15 Release Notes

iPadOS 15 release notes
Check the screenshots provided nearby for the update log. We highlighted features that haven’t been already mentioned in our iOS 15 coverage!
iPadOS 15 features
It includes new features for Multitasking, Widgets, App Library, Notes, FaceTime, Messages and Memoji, Focus, Notifications, Maps, Safari, Translate, Live Text, Spotlight, Photos, Siri, Privacy, iCloud+, Accessibility as well as other features and improvements.

Tip: For the security content of this update check Apple’s support document!

iPadOS 15 Bugs

Problems reported for this release will be listed here. If you encounter any issues don’t hesitate to report them via the comments section or privately using our bug report form!

  • Live Text not working on iPad? Unfortunately, this feature is only available in iOS 15!
  • iPadOS 15 keyboard bug: in Split View, using Apple Pencil on a text field to open the floating keyboard, the 2 fingers gesture to expand keyboard to full size doesn’t work.
    Workaround: Return to Home Screen, bring up Spotlight Search to open full-screen keyboard and go back to the split view app.
    Reported by Zack.
  • Mail app search doesn’t work. The search field does not show up. The incoming mail title is also not displayed.
    Workaround: Restart Mail app.
    Reported by Hannu.
  • Safari video playback not working properly in iPadOS 15!
    Workaround: Load the non-AMP version of the webpage and the video will play normally!
    Reported by James
  • iPadOS 15 sound bug? Is audio playback sounding weird, like synthesised when playing video on iPad?
    Reported by Jerry.
  • Quick Notes not working for some iPad models!

Have you updated to iPadOS 15? Which are your favorite features? How about bugs, do you encounter any annoying ones? Share your feedback using the comments section.

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