iPhone 12 5G UW (Ultra Wideband) Status Bar Indicator

iPhone 12 5G UW status icon

iPhone 12 5G UW status icon

The iPhone 12 lineup is the first Apple smartphone generation that receives 5G support! More, Apple’s 2020 flagships can connect to both type of 5G cellular data speeds. The standard low-band 5G and the super fast 5G Ultra Wideband connection, offered by Verizon. The second one enables download speeds of up to 4 GBs (in ideal conditions). In the best case scenario Apple and Verzion also advertised upload speeds of up 200 Mpbs.

iPhone 12 5G UW Indicator

To better differentiate between regular 5G and super fast 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity, the iPhone 12 packs a new status bar indicator called 5G UW!
Verizon’s ‘5G Just Got Real’ add for the iPhone 12 provides a first glimpse of the new icon. When your iPhone is using 5G Ultra Wideband a W, below an U will be displayed next to the standard 5G icon.
Fact: Based on Verizon’s coverage map the 5G Ultra Wideband will be initially limited to NFL stadiums, major metro downtown and other busy public spaces.

iPhone 12 5G Ultra Wideband Antenna

iPhone 12 5g ultra wideband antenna
iPhone 12 models sold for the U.S. market come with both standard and mmWave 5G antennas. To be able to use cellular data in 5G UW your device needs to have the patch-like antenna on the right side, as shown in the image available above.

5G And Other Carriers

Many other carriers are already providing 5G cellular data speeds, with AT&T offering Nationwide 5G coverage, since the end of July.
Verizon has also announced its own 5G Nationwide network during the iPhone 12 keynote.

Verizon 5G Just Got Real iPhone 12 Commercial

The screenshot with the iPhone 12 5G UW status bar indicator is captured from Verizon’s commercial showcasing iPhone 12 and 5G. Chris Rock is showing off what the new iPhone can do with 5G enabled including: instant music Album downloads, NFL live streaming from 5 different camera angles. multiplayer gaming without WiFi and much more. Check it out yourself:

What’s the 5G coverage in your region? Use the comments section available below and let us know if you managed to connect your iPhone 12 to the 5G network!

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