iPhone 13 Screen Scratches Easily? (Yes/No)

iPhone 13 Pro Max scratch on screen

iPhone 13 Pro Max scratch on screen

Is the iPhone 13 screen scratching easily? Did you manage to scratch your brand new smartphone without doing anything out of the ordinary? If the scratch isn’t too deep you might be able to cover it with a screen protector!

iPhone 13 Scratched On Day One

iphone 13 pro max screen scratch

Source: Apple Forums

Tania informed us that she scratched her brand new iPhone on the first day:

“I did manage to scratch my iPhone 13 pro on day one! I’m shocked!”

I’m also using an iPhone 13 Pro since about a month, without a screen protector, and managed to keep it scratch-free so far.

Nevertheless, while researching the web for similar complains I found one on the Apple Discussion Forums:

“I’ve got a random micro scratch on my iPhone 13 Pro Max screen and I’ve only had it for 3 weeks. I’m totally confused as to where it came from.”

and Reddit:

“iPhone 13 Pro Max screens scratch extremely easily. If you’re the type that usually avoids screen protectors, don’t skip this one.”

Fact: These threads haven’t taken off which most likely means that we’re dealing with isolated cases. However, if you also managed to easily scratch the iPhone 13 don’t hesitate to share it in the comments section!

iPhone 13 Scratch Resistant?

iPhone 13 anti-scratch screen protector
Apple tries to make all its iPhone models hard to scratch and the 2021 flagship make no difference. However, glass, no matter how well coated, is still glass and will scratch in certain situations.

With this article we’re not trying to find out if the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro scratches, because they will all do, but asses if the new models scratch easier than their predecessors.

For example, the Apple Watch 7 scratches extremely easy, according to the numerous reports provided by iPhoneTricks.org readers.

The explanation is physics. Glass can’t be both high drop and scratch resistant. The more crack resistant a screen is, the more vulnerable it is to scratches. Vice-versa, the better the scratch resistance of an iPhone screen the more prone to shattering it becomes!

The Series 7 has a new design with much more slimmer bezels and Apple must have insisted on the strength of the glass. The tradeoff is a vulnerability to scratches. Does this apply to the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro too? The devices come with a smaller notch, but bezels are still the same width.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Scratch

If you managed to scratch your device, I recommend you to learn to live with it. Don’t attempt to polish the screen or perform any other similar fix. You only risk to damage your screen even more.

iPhone 13 Screen Protection

What you can try is to apply a screen protector. If the scratch isn’t too deep it might become unnoticeable as soon as you apply the tempered glass cover.

Of course, it will also protect the screen from additional scratches!

Tip: Pick a good screen protector with low light reflectivity and low discoloration!

Some that we recommend are available on Amazon.com:

  • Spigen Screen Protector for iPhone 13 & 13 Pro – With True Tone crystal clarity, true touch responsiveness and easy installation set that includes an easy fit tray, the alignment film and the tempered glass.
  • iphone 13 pro scratch protection

    More: same Spigen screen protector: Click here (for iPhone 13 Pro Max) and here (for iPhone 13 mini)

  • Trianium Screen Protector for Screen Protector – with HD clarity that prevents external glare, anti-scratch surface and a alignment case included for easy install!
  • iphone 13 scratch protection

    More: similar screen protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max (click here with Camera Lens Protection) and iPhone 13 mini (click here)

Disclaimer: iPhoneTricks.org has an affiliate partnership with Amazon. If you purchase a product after clicking the above link, you will help us receive a small commission that allows us to cover website costs.

iPhone 13 Screen Replacement

The only other way to fix iPhone 13 scratches is by replacing the screen. However, this is a very expensive and complicated procedure. Starting with this model, Apple has made screen replacements by third-party repair shops almost impossible.

Fact: If you opted for AppleCare+ you can replace the screen at an acceptable cost, however I would advise you to save this repair option for screen cracks. Don’t waste it on scratches that you can learn to live with!

Are you using your iPhone with case and screen protector or naked? Use the comments section and share your feedback. Questions and suggestions are highly welcomed.

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