iPhone 14 Pro Attempting Data Recovery During iOS 16 Update?

iphone 14 attempting data recovery

iPhone 14 attempting data recovery

Is your iPhone 14 Pro attempting data recovery during iOS 16 update? Screen turns white and a black Apple logo with a progress bar is displayed? Don’t panic! Be patient and allow the process to complete. It’s successful most of the time!

iPhone 14 Attempting Data Recovery?

This issue has been reported by BeccaBecky on our iOS 16.0.3 review page:

“This update nearly caused me a heart-attack. I got ‘Attempting Data Recovery’ shown on the screen for almost 20 minutes. It fixed itself. 14 Pro.”

We did not experience the same but have found a similar report on Reddit:

“iPhone 14 Pro upgraded 16.0.1 -> 16.0.2 and run into “Attempting Data Recovery”. Is this normal?”

Are you also experiencing the same problem? Please share it in the comments! Mention your iPhone model and any other relevant info that could help us file a detailed report to Apple.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Attempting Data Recovery

In most cases there’s nothing that you should do. Remain patient and allow the process to complete. The outcome is mostly successful and you can start using your phone normally in 10 – 30 minutes.

iOS attempts data recovery when the software update failed or encountered a problem. Practically, while the Attempting Data Recovery message is shown on the screen, the iPhone is reinstalling iOS 16 and recovers your data!

Fix: If the Data Recovery fails you need to connect your iPhone to a computer (Mac or Windows), using a Lightning to USB cable and restore it! More details here.

Have you managed to get past the iPhone Attempting Data Recovery error? Do you have a better solution or other questions? Share your feedback in the comments! We’re here to help.

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