iPhone 5S Camera Slow-Motion Demo

iphone camera slow-motion

iPhone Camera Slow-Motion Video.

Slow-Motion is one of the coolest new features of iSight within iOS 7. You can now shoot spectacular 120 frames per videos with your iPhone 5S. The built-in slow-motion feature will play the recording with a 25% slower pace, creating some exciting footages from some of the simplest videos.
It’s fun because you can edit the recording and select which part you want to slow down. You have the option to upload your video to Facebook, Youtube and the other common social media, or share it with tour close friends via AirDrop or Email.
How To Activate Slow-Motion
You need to tap on Camera and swipe from left to right above the shutter button to switch from Photo mode to Video and finally to reach Slo-Mo. Next, simply press the red Record button and shoot. When finished press the red button again to stop the footage and access the Camera Roll from the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap Play to start playback or edit the part of the video that you want to be slowed down!

iPhone 5S Camera Slow-Motion Demo
Check the video provided below and watch a demo of a slow-motion video footage that I shot a few days ago using my iPhone 5S. Enjoy a few spectacular flair bartending tricks shot from a nice angle.