iPhone Crashing iOS 16 Issue? iOS 16.1.2 Won’t Fix It?

iphone crashing ios 16

iPhone crashing iOS 16

Is your iPhone crashing and restarting after iOS 16 update? Problem persists with 16.1, 16.1.1 and even in the most recent 16.1.2 release? Device unexpectedly crashes and reboots several times a day? You’re not alone.

iPhone Crashing iOS 16?

This issue has been recently reported by Raman and Jason (iOS 16.1.2):

“My iPhone is crashing and rebooting after this update.”

iPhone crashing problems have been reported for previous iOS 16 version too:

  • Noora:

    “After updating to IOS 16.1.1 my iPhone 13 mini, My phone keeps restarting every few minutes, It’s very annoying!”

  • Marisa:

    “After the 16.1 update iPhone keeps shutting off & restarting by itself every 15-20 mins.”

Similar complaints for iPhone crashing iOS 16.1.2 are available on Apple’s Discussion forums and Reddit.

How To Fix iPhone Keeps Crashing iOS 16

Unfortunately, it’s still not clear what’s triggering this issue. Some suspect the new Lock Screen features. Strange is the fact that a small percentage of iPhones seem to be affected.

If your device is affected by this bug try the following:
(Update, December 9)

0. Enable Low Power Mode

Eli informed us that she managed to stop iPhone crashing and restarting in iOS 16, with the help of Low Power Mode:

“I know this isn’t a perfect fix, but I found that my phone doesn’t crash when I have it set to low power mode.”

How to: You can do this from the Control Center or in Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode. Does it fix your device too?

1. Remove Lock Screen Widgets

lock screen widgets can crash iphone

  • Wake iPhone and touch & hold the Lock Screen to bring up the Edit menu.
  • Tap Customize and select the widgets’ area.
  • Tap the icon and delete all widgets.
  • Save your settings and check if iPhone keeps crashing and restarting.

2. Delete Lock Screens

iphone crashing lock screens

  • The next steps is to delete all additional wallpapers that are available in the Lock Screen edit menu.
  • Swipe-up on their card to remove them.
  • Keep only the default one, without widgets.

3. Clean Install iOS 16

If iPhone keeps crashing your next option is to reinstall iOS 16.1.2 using a computer and a Lightning to USB (USB-C) cable. A wired installation can clear any glitches or corrupted files that might have been caused by over-the-air updates.

How to: Use our step-by-step guide to clean install iOS 16 on your iPhone!

4. Downgrade To iOS 15

If nothing helps your last option is to revert to iOS 15. This is still possible as 15.6 RC build is still signed. You can then update to iOS 15.7.1 and be patient until Apple fixes the iOS 16 crashing issues.

How to: Use our step-by-step guide to downgrade iPhone to iOS 15!

Have you managed to fix iPhone crashing iOS 16? Do you have a better solution or other problems to report? Share your feedback in the comments.

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