5 iPhone Home Screen Widgets That Are Popular Right Now

popular iPhone Home Screen widgets

Popular iPhone Home Screen widgets.

The iOS 14 Software Update will be always remembered as the one that introduced Home Screen widgets to the iPhone. It’s a game changer that’s now being heavily used by iPhone owners worldwide. Built-in as well as third-party widgets have finally allowed Apple users to take charge of personalising their iPhones in a way, that iOS has never allowed it before.

Not all apps have been ready to provide widgets on iOS 14 release day, but situation has greatly improved since. Back in September, we’ve complied a list with the top 10 widgets available for iOS 14. Now, 8 months later, and a week before the first iOS 15 preview, let’s take a look at which widgets are still popular. We’ll check out a few new ones that are game-changing when it comes to optimising your iPhone.

Popular iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets

1. Widgetsmith (direct link)

Remains one of the most successful Home Screen widgets released during iOS 14. Otherwise known as the app that will allow you to hold total creative control over your widget personalisation. You can use the Widgetsmith app to change the icons of your widgets, color-coordinate your widgets with your wallpaper, and essentially build your own personal theme or aesthetic for your iPhone.

Alongside allowing you to add custom widget icons and secure widget icon packs, Widgetsmith also comes with time, weather, photo gallery, battery percentage, and other essential data that are definitely valuable for many iPhone users.

2. Smart Stack (built-in)

Is an iOS 14 built-in widget collector that doesn’t need any further presentation. With Smart Stack you can give value to any widget available on your iPhone, because it allows you to stack widgets and have them at a single swipe away instead of spreading them out on numerous Home Screen pages.

Smart Stack is also proactive and knows to suggest and bring widgets to the forefront depending on what day it is, what time of day it is, or even what physical activities your phone or Apple Watch predicts that you’re doing, so that your personal tech can support you through whatever your schedule looks like.

Smart Stack actually starts off strong every morning by showing you your Calendar widget so you know just how to prepare for each new day. No two days are truly the same, so it begs the question: why should our widgets not be subject to change?

3. Sticky Widgets (direct link)

how to create a sticky notes widget
Let your iPhone feel just as fun as the Windows Vista laptop you used in high school with Sticky Widgets! In all seriousness, Sticky Widgets are actually a valuable tool and can be especially valuable to people like students and professionals who may need to set themselves time-sensitive reminders.

Sticky Widgets are amongst a number of alternatives to Apple’s own Notes app, whose widget has been rather disappointing to most iOS users.

There’s something elegantly nostalgia-inducing about leaving yourself digital sticky note reminders on your phone, and the ability to colour code specific reminders, and even change your font, makes Sticky Widgets a must-have for all iOS users. Even if you only use it to remind you to pay your bills, these little sticky notes are still quite satisfying to fiddle with.

4. Launcher (direct link)

how to create a launcher home screen widget
The original Launcher is back and ready for the age of widgets! This app has had a hallowed history with Apple and did in fact go through a period where the tech giant was hoping to get it booted off the App Store for good, but there’s no denying that Launcher was truly built to be a widget.

Since this app’s initial release in 2014, it has greatly simplified an array of actions that you may want to take on your iPhone, from quick-dialling a contact, to finding directions to your most popular destinations, to accessing specific settings on your phone, and the like.

Now, in widget form, Launcher has become more accessible and user-friendly than ever. We highly recommend you download this iOS staple to make the absolute most out of your device.

5. Pedometer++ (link)

Finally, this list would be incomplete without Pedometer++, a surprisingly valuable little widget that provides you with a reliable and accurate step count throughout the day. Pedometer++ looks absolutely fantastic in iOS 14, and its widget is super smooth to use. The app’s minimalistic design and invaluable motivational prompts make staying active a genuinely pleasurable part of your day rather than a chore.

It’s also nice to be able to glance down at your screen, see the number of steps you’ve made, and briefly pat yourself on the back for all the obstacles you’ve gotten through already. In essence, the Pedometer ++ widget can be a source of positive affirmation, and for this reason alone, it’s worth a download.

Conclusion: As we have seen through the past several months, a growing number of app developers are creating widgets, meaning there’s now a wealth of app widgets out there for users of iOS 14 to choose from. Take some time to browse through the App Store and find the widgets you think will enhance your iOS experience like Day One’s journaling widgets, and Google’s Google Photos widgets to name a few.

What’s your favorite iOS 14 widget? Name it with the help of the comments section available below. We’ll take a look at it and add it to the list. Let’s enrich this collection together!

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