iPhone Invert Colors Tips and Tricks

iPhone 5s invert colors

iPhone 5s Invert Colors Homescreen.

A highly intriguing iOS setting is the Invert Colors one. You can reverse the displayed colors of your iPhone’s screen by enabling this option from the Settings menu. Your device will alter its display and your 5S home screen will look identical with the image captured in the media available nearby!

Many iPhone users consider this feature useless, but here are a few tips and tricks that might change their mind and also teach you when it’s recommended to invert iPhone display colors.

Impaired Vision
First of all Invert Colors is extremely useful for those of you that are dealing with impaired vision, color-blindness. Around 10% of males are not able to make a difference between the red and green color. Invert Colors will help your eyes to correct this flaw.

iPhone normal vs invert colors mode

iPhone Normal vs Invert Colors mode!

Better Reading
Most of the text that you are reading on your iPhone, whether it’s from within the phone’s menu, the Safari web browser or your mail is displayed on white background. Invert Colors will display a white text on a black background, thus reducing the amount of eyes that your eyes are bombarded with. This results in easier reading and your eyes won’t tire too fast.

Extends Battery Life
The same principle explained above will also extend your iPhone’s battery life because less power is used to light-up the display of your Apple device. It seems that Invert Colors has very low impact on battery life for all iOS devices, because they use LCD/LED-based technology to display colors. You can read more details here.

Night time Navigation
If you’re driving and use your iPhone to navigate to your destination, using Invert Colors is a must. The low light won’t distract your from driving while you remain constantly updated with your route.

I do agree with those of you that consider Invert Colors to spoil the display for many apps, games and features. As mentioned before, I consider this feature useful only during night time and for the cases presented above. For your relief there is also a quick access Invert Colors option available, that allows you to instantly switch between normal and invert colors mode. Read on to find out more about this trick!

How To Enable/Disable Invert Colors
1. The common way of activating this option is by tapping Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Here you find the ON/OFF Switch, next to the Invert Colors tab.

2. However, there is a faster way to do it and that’s by setting a shortcut. Simply visit Settings -> General -> Accessibility and scroll to Accessibility Shortcut. Tap it and select Invert Colors from the list. Now you can enable and disable Invert Colors by triple-clicking the Home button of your iPhone!

iPhone Invert Colors Demo
Watch the following video and see how Invert Colors is acting on an iPhone 5s running iOS 7!