iPhone Screen Protector – A Mandatory Accessory

iphone 5s screen protector

iPhone 5s screen protector.

Purchasing a screen protector for your iOS terminal is a must. I take this to the extreme and say that you should first buy the thin multilayered film guard even before purchasing your favorite smartphone. It’s a pity not protect a $649 (current iPhone 5s price for contract-free purchase) valued device from the first moment after you lay your hands on it.

iPhone 5s Screen Guard Costs
I can be flexible and accept any screen protector as long as you use one. You can find the screen protector films from as low as $6 or end up spending to as much as $40 for that “sheet of plastic”. Further costs could add up if you need assistance with applying your screen protector. If you never done it before, I recommend you to let $5-$10 more run out of your pocket and ask professional to the job, or you risk owning an iPhone 5s with a bubbled screen!

How To Pick iPhone Screen Guard
In my opinion when you decide what kind of screen protection you purchase for your iPhone you need to consider the following things:
1. Protection against daily wear-and-tear: consider that the applied film has to protect the screen of your device against coins, keys and other sharp objects that it might get in touch with, during daily activity. DO NOT expect for the guard to protect your screen against falls. You can purchase the most expensive screen protector and cracking your display by simply dropping your smartphone from hip level.

2. Maintaining initial phone shape: iPhones have a great design and you must be looking for a multi-layerd film guard that maintains it. There are guards available with a thickness value between 0.20 – 0.40 mm. Considering that your iPhone 5s is 7.60 mm thick, would you want to end-up with a 8.00 mm thick device? If your answer is yes, than get ready to pay $1 for each 0.01 mm, as all 0.40 thick screen guards are priced at $40.

3. Fingerprint protection: This is a very useful feature that I’d like my iPhone screen protector to have. Fingerprints and all sorts of smudges can get very annoying. A guard that diminishes and prevents them is a must!

4. Glare decreasing properties: The way you see your screen in bright light is a bonus. If you find a screen guard with anti-glare properties, I would recommend you to go for it. You will have an enhanced experience in bright lightning.

5. Privacy enhancing features: Yep, you read it right. You can now find screen protectors on the market that shield your iPhone from unwanted glances of people standing next to you, while you are performing important tasks on your phone. It works by allowing viewing only to the user standing in vertical position to the iPhone’s screen.

It’s mandatory to apply guarding to your iPhone screen. How many layers should it have and what features should it bring is at your own discretion. There numerous screen protectors on the market for every budget. Keep it safe!