iPhone X Displays A Done Button In Its Interactive Split Status Bar When Home Screen Is In App Editing Mode

iphone x split status bar displays done button

iPhone X split status bar displays ‘Done’ button.

With the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus flagships already available in stores and unboxed by most analysts hype begins to slowly shift towards the iPhone X pronounced ‘iPhone Ten’ release. Surly, the most interesting feature that we’re eager to test out, excepting Face ID, is the split status bar that has the demanding role of displaying traditional info regarding timekeeping, carrier signal strength, Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as battery percentage and much more, within considerably smaller real estate.

But that’s not all, besides the regular symbols found in the iPhone’s status bar, there’s also the need to accommodate a series of buttons that help the user to complete tasks on an Home button-less iOS device. According to previous reports, Apple’s developers have nicknamed the two available halves of the iPhone X split status bar, ears. It seems that the left ear’s main function is to display current time, while the right one will focus on Carrier signal, Wi-Fi connectivity and Battery indicator. However, this info can be temporarily replaced by buttons when a certain action from the user is required. For example, if you edit the apps on the Home screen, a Done button will be displayed in the right ear to allow you to exit the editing mode.

Check out the Home screen app editing demo uploaded nearby. It’s captured in an iOS 11 iPhone X simulator. Notice how the removable apps seem to giggle. The small “x”-icon available in the top-left corner of the app icons confirms that the the device is in the Home screen app editing mode. Also notice the “Done” button displayed in the right ear of the split status bar. It disappears as soon as the users presses it or the device is locked with the help of the Side button.

Fact: Most likely the app editing mode will also expire itself if you don’t perform an action for a certain period of time, or if you lock the iPhone. But the Done button replaces the previous functionality of the Home button that allows users to exit app editing instantly, with a simple press. The press becomes a tap in the iOS 11 powered iPhone X!

What are your thought about this functionality? You can read more about the iPhone X here!