iPhone X Pre-Orders Confirm Expectations As Available Stock Sells Out In 16 Minutes

silver iphone x preparing for dispatch

Silver iPhone X preparing for dispatch.

The much awaited iPhone X Pre-Sales have confirmed our expectations as the huge interest for Apple’s edge-to-edged OLED iPhone, combined with a relative small stock available for launch day has led to a sellout within the first quarter of an hour. If you, followed our pre-order tips and also sticked with our live countdown timer you surly must have managed to reserve an iPhone ‘Ten’ for launch-day delivery.

Else, don’t lose your faith. There’s still a way to grab the iPhone X on November 3. If you don’t mind queuing, you can attempt an Apple Store walk-in purchase, on next Friday, but make sure that you reach the shop before 8:00 AM local time. It’s not be being overcautious, Apple confirmed in a statement issued earlier this week, that it recommends customers to arrive early if they wish to buy an iPhone X, on launch day, without reserving a unit during the pre-orders!

iPhone X Pre-Order Availability Timeline
iphone x pre-order availability timelineA former Apple analyst has accurately illustrated the way shipping times jumped during the early iPhone X pre-order stages. Take a look at the diagram available nearby and see that only 16 minutes into the pre-sales, all available iPhone ‘Tens’ for launch day delivery, were already booked and shipping estimates jumped to 2-3 weeks. 17 more minutes later, the delivery time jumped again to 4-5 weeks for all available U.S. carriers. 2 hours and 18 minutes since the start of the iPhone X pre-order campaign estimates went one more level up to 5-6 weeks.

iPhone X Pre-Order Campaign Vs Predecessors
iphone x pre-order vs other similar campaigns The head-to-head comparison, with previous iPhone pre-sale rounds, confirms that today’s campaign was one of the most spectacular pre-orders ever hosted by Apple! It’s true that we don’t know for sure how many iPhone X units were available for launch day delivery and how many terminals have been preserved by the Cupertino-located tech giant for the November 3, Apple Store walk-in sale. Nevertheless, Apple will publish some numbers in the near future and we will be here to keep you updated!

Tip: Count down with us the days, hours and seconds left until the iPhone X launches and becomes available in stores!