iPhone X Receives Control Center Hint In iOS 11.2

iphone x control center hint for swipe-down gesture

iPhone X Control Center hint for new swipe-down gesture.

The way you unveil the Control Center on an iPhone X running iOS 11 is totally different from what you have been used to in previous iPhone models. Prior to the bezel-less iPhone an swipe-up from the bottom of the screen would bring up the Control Center. However, if you apply the same gesture when using an iPhone X you’ll either return to the Home screen or bring up the App Switcher.

The iPhone X Control Center is invoked with a swipe-down gesture from the top-right ear of the notched iPhone. There’s also the option to use the Reachability trick and bring down the top of the screen to facilitate single-handed usage. This allows you to swipe-down from the middle-right area of the screen to unveil the iPhone’s shortcuts card. To make thins even more clearer Apple has decided to slightly alter the iOS 11 user interface and highlight the gesture for accessing the Control Center.

A small vertical bar is display below the status icon displayed in the right-ear. The bar looks like a miniature version of the Home Indicator, that’s available, centered, at the bottom of the iPhone X screen and reacts to a series of swipe gestures. This Control Center hint is available on the Lock screen interface and informs you that there’s more to see and you should swipe-down to check what’s hidden. The small bar doesn’t appear within apps or on the Home screen of an unlocked iPhone X.

TIL: Did you know that bringing up the Control Center screen is the only way to check the remaining battery percentage value left in your iPhone X’s tank.

Tip: Did you know that sliding left or right on the Home Indicator allows you to easily switch between apps running in the background?