iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement Cost And Other Damage Fees

iPhone XS Max back panel replacement cost.

iPhone XS Max back panel replacement cost.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are premium smartphones that’s for sure! However, after forking out 4-figures to own one of them you should take good care of the flagship unless you don’t want to pay mid 3-figures for a repair. Yes, an iPhone XS screen replacement is charged by Apple $279, while the repair of the 6.5-inch display will cost you $329. If in the worst case scenario you damage something else, like cracking the back panel for example, you might as well buy a new iPhone 7 Plus!

Why? Because all other damages excluding the screen repair cost $549 for the iPhone XS and $599 for the iPHone XS Max, which is as expensive as a brand new iPhone 7 Plus sold in the Apple Stores for just under $600 bucks. Also be aware that all these price tags exclude taxes, which differ depending on your state or country. If you have a history with phone wrecks you should seriously consider purchasing the AppleCare+ insurance plan!

iphone xs max screen replacement cost iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max AppleCare+ Features
This extended warranty plan provided by Apple costs $199 and covers two incidents over the span of 2 years. A screen repair in this circumstances will require you to pay only $29 for the iPhone XS & XS Max, while any other damage is priced at $99. However, if you have more than two incidents, starting from the third screen crack the non-AppleCare+ prices mentioned above apply.
Tip: You can also opt to pay the AppleCare+ fee monthly. However at $9.99 per month you will end up spending around $240 in total. Paying the full fee upfront saves you around $40 bucks, just enough for an iPhone case.

New: Starting with this year Apple also sells an AppleCare+ with Teft and Loss coverage included. This broader insurance costs $299 if paid upfront or $14.99/month. If you lose by accident or someone steals your iPhone XS or XS Max device you will have to pay an additional $229 respectively $269 fee to receive a brand new device. However, to get reimbursed you need to have Find My iPhone feature enabled on your device at the time of disappearance!

Fact: AppleCare+ can be purchased on acquisition day or up to 60 days after you bought the device. You can enable it both offline in an Apple Store or online.