iPhone XS Max Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth connectivity problems.

iPhone XS Max Bluetooth connectivity problems.

Unfortunately the iPhone XS Max antenna connectivity problems aren’t only cellular data related. Although, for an equally small amount of users, the Bluetooth connectivity seems to be also plagued by issues. Several readers have reported that they encounter problems when trying to connect their iPhone XS Max to a third party Bluetooth accessory like speakers or third party car Bluetooth receptors.

The problem surly lies on the iPhone XS’ side because the same devices have connected without any problems with the iPhone X or older iOS terminals. On the other side, it’s true that connecting with the AirPods, the Apple Watch and all other Apple manufactured Bluetooth accessories works flawless, which makes me think that this is only a software oriented issue, that can be fixed with a minor iOS update.

How To Fix The iPhone XS Max Bluetooth Problems
What you can do while waiting for Apple’s iOS 12.0.1 software update, which should address these problems, is try to restart your device and attempt to reconnect to the third party Bluetooth accessory. Some informed us that the iPhone XS Max might connect at first with a Bluetooth car kit, but refuse to repeat the feat a few hours later. In this case you have to shutdown and restart your iPhone and hope that you get one more first time connection before the glitch re-appears.

Fact: The first iOS 12 update shouldn’t be far away, as there are a series of annoying bugs that have surfaced after the big release. I remind you about the iPhone XS patchy charging issue, the Camera AutoFocus bug and the iPhone XS Max LTE data poor performances.

Do you also encounter Bluetooth connectivity problems with your 2018 iPhone flagship? Comment below and provide more details to the community!