iPhone XS Max Not Charging? Here Is How To Fix It!

plugged in iPhone XS not charging

Plugged in iPhone XS not charging.

So, you forked out over 4-figures for your new iPhone XS Max and the device refuses to charge when you plug it in? The first thought leads me to blame this problem on potential lint accumulating in the Lightning port. Nevertheless, we’re talking about a brand new device and if you didn’t do something out of the ordinary there is no way the lightning port would have accumulated so much fuzz in order to block the charging process as described here.

Several readers reported that their iPhone XS Max units refuse to charge especially in the evening. We are talking about traditional wired charging and not about the wireless charging process. It seems that certain 2018 iPhone flagships fail to charge especially during the evening. Readers report that they have to repeat the plug-in process in order to hear the traditional “charging ding”.

How To Fix iPhone XS Max Charging Problems
One of the reasons for unsuccessful charging attempts could be caused by a new iOS 12 setting that allows users to restrict access to USB ports while the iPhone is locked. If your iPhone is locked when you plug it in, you most likely grab it to see what’s wrong if you don’t hear the charging confirmation. The Face ID unlocks the device and when you perform the second plug-in the process starts automatically.
Fix: Open Settings app and browse for Face ID & Passcode. Provide your Passcode. Next scroll for the “Allow Access When Locked Section” make sure that the USB Accessories feature is enabled, to allow access to the USB port when the iPhone is locked.

Fact: If you apply the above mentioned fix and the problem isn’t fixed you might have to wait for a software update from Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t addressed this issue so far, but they will surly include a fix in the next update if we’re dealing with a software glitch.

More: The iPhone XS Max is a great device. But nothing is perfect. Besides the glitch presented above you can also encounter poor LTE Data connectivity, as well as minor problems with the auto focus feature of the rear-facing Camera.

Did you experience this problem on your iPhone XS or XS Max? Share your thought please.