iPhone XS vs iPhone X – 20 New Features!

iphone xs vs iphone x

iPhone XS vs iPhone X

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are definitely Apple’s flagships to own after the September 12 keynote. Nevertheless they come with a premium price, although they’re only an S-model upgrade from last year’s anniversary iPhone X. In this article I will inform you about everything that the iPhone XS brings new to the table, when compared to its predecessor. This will help you decide if it’s worth to upgrade or not.

Obviously, there aren’t any design differences as the form factor remains the same. Both devices come with an edge-to-edge OLED display. The notch that hosts the TrueDepth Camera sensor has the same size on both devices, which makes the screen real estate measure 5.8-inches for the two units. The changes can be found in the internals. But are they worth the premium upgrade free? Check the list available below and convince yourself.

20 New Features Of The iPhone XS vs The iPhone X
Our head to head comparison of the two iPhones has come up with 20 new features. You can find them listed below:
1. Processor: A12 vs A11 chip The iPhone XS comes with a next generation Neural Engine, which makes the device faster and more energy efficient.
2. Water Resistance: IP68 vs IP67 The iPhone XS is more waterproof than any of its predecessors. It can withstand water when submerged as deep as 2 meters (1 meter deeper as the iPhone X) for up to 30 minutes.
3. Capacity: 512 GB vs 256 GB The iPhone XS can be bought with a storage space of up to 512 GB. The 64 GB and 256 GB plans have been also available on the iPhone X. The question is, are 256 GB extra worth the premium fee?
4. Weight: 177 grams vs 174 grams The iPhone XS is 3 grams heavier. This is the only difference when it comes to size and weight between the two Apple smartphones!
5. Advanced Portrait Mode: The iPhone XS brings Portrait mode photos to a new level. When compared to the iPhone X it provides onsite customization options for bokeh effect and Depth control. This is a software enabled feature, that the iPhone X should be capable to accommodate, but might be restricted due to marketing strategies. It could become available on the iPhone X too, later in the year.
6. Extended Dynamic Range: The iPhone XS comes with an extra extended dynamic range feature for video up to 30 fps. An option that isn’t available on its predecessor.
7. Stereo Recording: The 2018 Apple flagship is also able to perform stereo video recording.
8. Front Camera Improvements: The iPhone XS front camera receives a series of upgrades when compared to the one of the iPhone X. It can perform the same upgraded Portrait mode photos with advanced bokeh and Depth control, it provides extended dynamic range for video at 30 fps, cinematic video stabilization (1080p and 720p) and 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps (the iPhone X could record only at 30 fps).
9. Gigabit-class LTE vs LTE Advanced: The iPhone XS has better hardware when it comes to cellular data connectivity. Nevertheless, early adopters have complained about LTE data reception, especially those of the iPhone XS Max model.
10. Express Cards with power reserve are available for the 2018 iPhone, while the anniversary model comes only with Express Card.
11. Face ID: The iPhone XS comes with a second generation Face ID unlocking system that is faster and even more accurate as the original version.
12. Audio Playback: Apple claims that the iPhone XS comes with wider stereo playback capacity as its predecessor.
13. Battery Lifetime: The iPhone XS lasts up to 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, according to Apple. Although when it comes to the talk time, the older iPhone is listed with 21 hours while the newer model with 20. The iPhone XS edges in front when it comes to video playback 14 hours versus 13 hours.
14. SIM Card: The iPhone XS is both nano-SIM and eSIM compatible.
15. Improved Display: According to its manufacturer the 2018 iPhone display packs deeper, larger pixels for better low-light performance!
16. Lightning to 3.5mm adapter: There is also a downside worth mentioning. The new iPhone doesn’t ship with the lightning to 3.5mm adapter. You will have to buy it yourself if needed.
17. Better Flash: The iPhone XS comes with an improved flash for low light photos and torch mode.
18. Advanced red-eye reduction: Is also an improvement when we talk about the two models.
19. Smart HDR for Photos: instead of Auto HDR is available on the iPhone XS!
20. Gold Color: Last but not least, you can get the iPhone XS with a Gold finish, while the iPhone X is available in Silver and Space Gray.

Fact: The iPhone X has been discontinued by Apple, but you can still find it at some retailers and on the second-hand market.

Conclusion: Now that you know the differences, what do you think. Is the upgrade worth it?