Got iTunes Connect Banking Email From Apple (Error or?)

itunes connect banking email

iTunes Connect banking email

Have you recently received an email from iTunes Connect that’s asking for banking information although you’re not even using the service? You’re informed that your banking info is invalid and needs to be updated? You’re most likely dealing with an Apple mishap as many other users.

iTunes Connect Banking Email

itunes connect banking email error
The email in question with iTunes Connect as sender states:

“We’re reaching out because your banking information in iTunes Connect is invalid and needs to be
corrected to ensure the successful payment of any amounts owed to you.”

You’re asked to update the required info in the Agreements, Tax, and
Banking section in iTunes Connect.

Is The iTunes Connect Email Legit?

The email looks legit as it’s sent from the address and signed by “The Apple Music Team”.

However, iTunes Connect is used by artists, content producers, writers, and similar to distribute and commercialize their content across Apple’s platforms.

iTunes Connect Email Error

If you’re not from the above category and have received the above email as many others did, it’s most likely because Apple sent it erroneously.

They must have selected a wrong recipient group from their database, that if a small amount of iTunes Connect users really need to upgrade their banking info and this whole dispatch is a mishap!

Conclusion: the iTunes Connect banking email is not a scam, as it’s send from a trusted source Apple’s servers. It’s most likely a big mistake.

iTunes Connect Email About Increased Apple Books Tax in Canada

itunes connect update to taxes on Apple Books
A second iTunes Connect email informing recipients that
“remittances for sales on the Book Store in Canada are reduced by a 7% provincial sales tax (PST) on Apple’s commissions for publishers based in British Columbia”

has also been dispatched to a large number of users even though they’re not authors, affiliates or have any other iTunes Connect relationship.

Nevertheless, this email does not ask for any action on the user’s behalf, it’s just distracting when it arrives and you’re not sure why Apple sent it to you.

Have you also recently received one of the above iTunes Connect emails? Which one? Was it also an error or you’re actually an active user that really had to update banking information? Use the comments section to share your feedback.