iTunes Store Has a List of Siri’s Song Interrogations

iTunes store Siri song interrogation list

iTunes Store Siri song interrogation list.

Did you know that your iPhone saves and stores a list with those songs that you asked Siri to recognize for you? Yes, I’m talking about the new feature, available with iOS 8, which offers your iOS virtual assistant the ‘magical’ powers to be able to identify a tune that is played in its environment.

The following trick is particularly helpful when you use Siri to name that tune, but time passes and you can’t remember how the song in question was called. Apple have though about this possibility and are storing your Siri’s musical interrogations on a special list in the iTunes Store! This way you have permanent access to all songs identified by your virtual assistant and there is no risk of loosing a newly discovered hit.

How To Access Siri’s Song List
itunes store siri song list]Tap the iTunes Store icon on your iPhone or iPad. Now, hit the top right button and the Wish List screen opens. Open the Siri tab and the list with all songs recognized by Siri are displayed in the order of interrogation. Along with the tune name, you are prompted with information about the artist and the album that contains the researched hit. You also have the option to Buy Song if you tap on the price tag. When you consider that this list isn’t helpful anymore, you can delete it by taping on Clear, available in the top left corner. This way you’ll clear the screen for a new set of recognized songs.

If you find this tip helpful please share it with your friends and spread the word. For more information about your Siri’s musical knowledge please read the What song is this? article which comes with extended coverage of this feature.