Just Mobile AluCable Duo: A Single Cable To Charge iOS & Android Devices

AluCable Duo Lightning and micro-USB Connector

AluCable Duo Lightning and micro-USB Connector

It’s common for families nowadays to own both Apple as well as Samsung and a whole range of brands of smart devices. In same cases even the same individual can own an iPhone and a Samsung tablet or an iPad and a Galaxy or Pixel smartphone. In this case you surly are annoyed by the fact that you have to hold and carry two different types of charging cables. Happily, today I have some good news if you fit in the category described above! Just Mobile provides a dual-function charging cable that comes with both Lightning and micro-USB compatibility.

So, if you aren’t the Apple all the way individual and neither an Android-only person you might be interested to spend a few bucks and grab a single charging cable that fits both iOS and non-iOS devices. The AluCable Duo comes with a 5-foot-long (1.5-meter-long) connection cable, which is 50% longer as the standard iPhone lightning cord. It’s Apple certified and can connect your iPhone and iPad with your Mac or any other Windows-based computer or notebook.

Alucable Duo iOS and Android charging cable How To Use AluCable Duo
The Just Mobile manufactured cable connector is used similar to your Apple lightning connector or Samsung charging cable. Plug the USB connector in your computer or notebook and use the lightning port or the micro-USB ending to plug it in the appropriate device. The lightning port is available by default. Detach its capsule to unveil the micro-USB ending when you need to connect to a non-Apple smart device.
Fact: Purchase it now and you’ll have it shipped within 48 hours.

Alucable Duo coiled Apple and non-Apple charging cableAluCable Duo Long Utility Cable Specs
Along with the features mentioned above you have to know that this charging cord is aluminum made and is shielded for heavy-duty. It fits all micro-USB and Lightning devices including the iPod Touch and any other non-Apple smartphone or tablet. The duo connector cable can be attached to your original Apple or Samsung power adapter to charge your smart devices from the power outlet too and not only via USB, from a computer.
Tips: If you want to go for extra distance pick the coiled version that reaches up to 6 feet (1.8 meters). The coiled edition is practical for car use and in any other situation that you don’t want to get tangled in the long cable.