Last Chance To Download Blyss Free From The App Store

blyss for ios

Blyss for iOS

If you haven’t already installed Blyss on your iPhone or iPad it’s about time to do it! Today is the last day, when this great puzzle adventure game is listed under the App of the Week campaign. This means that the software developed by Dropout Games has gone free for 7 days, a time frame that’s about to end at midnight. So, if you wanna save $2 and start solving puzzles right away tap here and download the app on your iOS device.

The playing mechanics are simple, but that doesn’t mean that completing the puzzles is a piece of cake. You need careful swipe-planning if you want to successfully complete the deeper levels. Basically, all that you have to do is swipe on tiles. Each tile has one or more dots. With each swipe you eliminate a dot from the tile, as long as the swipe involves at least three, or maximum four tiles. A tile is completed and evaporates when no dot is left inside. Bad planning can make you end up with less than three tiles left, which means that you won’t qualify for another swipe and have to start from scratch!

Download Blyss For iOS
blyss free app of the weekBefore you grab the game, you might also like to know that this is a 4/5 star rated software. It needs iOS 6.0 or later to run on and occupies 196 MB of storage space. Tap on Blyss and the official App Store download page opens up. Hit GET followed by INSTALL and wait until the software is unpacked on your iPhone or iPad. Hit OPEN when ready, and you’re good to play. Take the gameplay tour and find out that you have to clear all dots in order to complete a level. As mentioned above, a maximum of 3 or 4 tiles per swipe is allowed. Each swipe clears one dot from the tile.

Blyss Game Modes
blyss home screen on iphone You can currently choose between three game types:
– Endless: this option is the only one available when you start the game. You have to solve 200 levels to unlock the Time Attack and 250 for the Playground. In this mode you can have an unlimited number of attempts for completing a level and you resume from the last puzzle that you did not manage to finish.
– Time Attack: requires you to solve a predefined number of puzzles in the shortest time frame possible.
– Playground: allows you to customize your puzzle by limiting the number of dots available on the titles. It also allows you to adjust the difficulty level.

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